Publisher Zordix, co-producer Rock Pocket Games, and developers Ravn Studio and Invictus Games are excited to reveal the release date for Pinchcliffe Grand Prix with a new trailer!

Find Flåklypa Grand Prix on Steam

Based on one of the most widely seen Norwegian films of all time, Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is being developed in close collaboration with Caprino Filmcenter and tells the iconic story with a charming mix of mini-games and high-octane races starting November 4th, 2021 on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Also known as Flåklypa Grand Prix, Pinchcliffe Grand Prix a spiritual successor to the PC and Nintendo DS hit with the same name, which has sold over 380 000 copies in Norway alone. Beautifully recreated in Unreal Engine, it is now making a grand comeback in full 3D to send Theodor, Sonny, Lambert, and the other villagers on their iconic adventure:

Take part in breathtakingly fast Races! Use various cars from the Pinchcliffe universe and race to the finish line, alone or with a friend on split-screen. But watch out for dirty tricks by the other contestants, or retaliate using your own.

Play Mini Games!

Earn points and unlock parts to build the famous car Il Tempo Gigante from the movie! Race down the track on Solan’s tricycle, collect flowers while avoiding angry bees like Ludvig, and much more.

Enjoy the engaging Story Mode!
Following the events of the original movie, you will help Theodor build the racing car Il Tempo Gigante. Can you make it all the way to the top of the podium in the Flåklypa Grand Prix? The game has been developed in close collaboration with Caprino Filmcenter and is based on Kjell Aukrusts characters and environment, and Ivo Caprino’s great film success.

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix will be available on November 4th for Nintendo Switch and PC on Steam!

About Zordix Publishing

Zordix Publishing is the publishing branch of the Zordix Group. Founded in 2019, ZP has been bringing games to PC and consoles since 2020. Using twelve years of game development experience, Zordix Publishing helps both in-house and independent studios bring their games to the global market. As a publisher, Zordix offers a full range of services; including financing, product development, market positioning & go-to-market strategies, PR, business development, QA, localization, porting, sales management, influencer outreach, social media strategy and marketing, digital distribution, community management, and after-sales support.

About Ravn Studio

Ravn Studio has developed more than 20 high-quality computer games for all platforms since 2006. In addition to their own IPs they have developed and published games based on many well-known Norwegian and Nordic brands for kids/youth, like Pinchcliffe Grand Prix, Captain Sabertooth, Blue Mountain, Pippi Longstocking, Twigson, Ella Bella Bingo, and City of Friends. Ravn Studio’s experienced and highly skilled team in Drammen, Norway, develops games for console, PC, smartphones, and tablets.

About Rock Pocket Games

Rock Pocket Games is an independent game development studio situated in Tønsberg, Norway. We started up developing mobile games in 2008, and have since then grown to an award-winning studio behind both mobile, PC, and console titles.

We hold quality, communication, honesty but also passion and fun in what we do in very high regards. We strongly believe that this is our secret in creating great products everyone involved can be proud of.

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