HAEGIN announced today that its global popular metaverse title, Play Together, recently reached the 100 million download milestone within a year.

Play Together Surpasses 100M Global Downloads

Play Together is a multiplayer casual social game where players can enjoy everything they want. The game provides an interesting life-like experience that fans of casual and sandbox genres may be familiar with, the addition of various content, and unique interactions.

Players are free to do what they want as soon as they lay foot on Kaia Island. They can enjoy 20+ fun minigames and various activities such as fishing, camping, attending classes, or just socializing with other players through in-game social activities such as home parties. Players are also free to express their unique personalities using decoration items to customize their character and house.

Since its global launch in April 2021, the player base of Play Together continued to grow rapidly thanks to positive player feedback, influencer coverage, and word of mouth. The fun factors connected to the real world have been expanding through successful partnerships with LINE FRIENDS, Genie Music, 7-Eleven Korea (Korea Seven Co., LTD), and more.

Play Together has also accomplished impressive feats, such as ranking 1st in the Taiwan and Vietnam top free games chart on both the App Store and Google Play and winning the Best Korean Metaverse Game at the Sensor Tower APAC Awards 2021. With regular updates and user experience improvements, Play Together is always working to release new features, decorative items, and special events for players to enjoy.

To celebrate the 100 million download achievement of Play Together, HAEGIN has prepared special gifts for players. When players log in to the game on Mar 23rd, they will receive reward boxes which they can get various items from. Also, a special coupon will be available at the official community until March 30th.


PLAY TOGETHER is a multiplayer casual social title where players can enjoy everything they want. The game provides an interesting life-like experience that fans of casual and sandbox genres may be familiar with, the addition of various content and unique interactions. The game allows players to progress freely in a non-linear fashion. Players can customize their characters and houses by purchasing various items and socializing with their global friends without borders. Since its worldwide release in April 2021, PLAY TOGETHER placed in the 1st at Top free games chart on the App Store and Google Play in Taiwan and Vietnam. The game is currently available in all countries except China in 12 languages.


HAEGIN is a developer of mobile games based in Seoul, South Korea. Led by 20-year industry veteran Youngil Lee, a founding member of Com2uS Corp. well-known for the global hit RPG Summoners War, HAEGIN has received substantial investments from the Storm Ventures Fund, Tencent, Kakao Games, Neptuen, Netmable, Netease, and other key investors in the game industry. Since its founding in 2017, HAEGIN has grown to include over 100 people who work passionately to create uniquely entertaining games that players from all over the world can enjoy. Its first title, Homerun Clash is a fresh take on the arcade-style home run derby genre with more than 5 million downloads and is currently the 13th and 17th highest-grossing sports game on Google Play and the App Store respectively. After the successful debut of the futuristic close-quarter action title Overdox and multiplayer golf brawl title Extreme Golf, HAEGIN launched their latest casual social-network title Play Together in April 2021. The company is planning to utilize its expertise in developing global hits to expand its lineup in the future, including sports games, RPGs, and more.

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