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Power & Revolution - 2022 Edition is available on Steam
By Other News Posted in News on April 15, 2022 0 Comments 4 min read
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Lognes, France – Simulation & strategy games publisher, Eversim, release their ultimate geopolitical simulator expansion Power & Revolution 2022 Edition for PC today.

Find Power & Revolution 2022 Edition on Steam

2022: Worldwide Chaos and Devastation!

With the war in Ukraine, the planet is in chaos and nothing will ever be the same again. What’s more, there is the threat of global warming, the lingering Covid epidemic along with the risk of new variants, inflation, and increased prices on the planet’s key resources.

Alongside the base game mode, which allows you to play as any head of state or opposition leader in the world controlling one or multiple nations, the 2022 Edition offers multiple scenarios.

In the Ukraine scenario, save the country by playing as Ukraine and one or more NATO countries, by resisting the advance of Russian tanks, supporting the Ukrainian army, urging financial sanctions against Russia, accepting refugees, by making the Russian president unpopular in the eyes of the people or by influencing China to officially oppose the conflict, all while avoiding escalation.

The new scenario, “Biden’s Challenge: Three Years to Succeed” puts you in the shoes of the American president with the goal of implementing all the reforms you promised by the end of your term.

The scenario of global warming involves adjusting your goals for reducing CO2 emissions. Climate Change Conferences (COP) have been added. You can also influence other countries to go further in their goals, with the artificial intelligence of leaders simulating their behavior on the subject, ultimately allowing you to see the real development of worldwide climate change up to the year 2100.

The “French Elections” scenario allows you to play as any candidate in the French election in April 2022.

In the “Animal Welfare” scenario, your objective is to become one of the most honorable countries in the world regarding animal rights. To do this, you will have a specific budget and an arsenal of legislation on hunting, animal rights, and various other regulations (bullfighting, production of foie gras, battery farming…).

Besides these scenarios, the game also has new features including simulating the appearance and development of conspiracy theories with new budgets and actions on the internet and social media, the inclusion of fake news with the possibility of combating them or creating them, the development of secret services abroad along with the manipulation of social media and improvements allowing the overthrow of a foreign head of state, management of Covid in 2022 with vaccine boosters and the simulation of new variants, the development of garbage recycling along with a new tax on the use of plastic packaging, the addition of military battle robots, new SMR nuclear power plants, new music awards (Eurovision, Grammy Awards) and sports (eSports, MMA) and numerous improvements on the God’n’Spy add on, including the detailed calculation of the level of dictatorship in a country.

In the coming weeks, Eversim will also release two expansions for Power & Revolution 2022 Edition:

  • God’n Spy add-on allows the player to examine and modify the internal values of the simulation engine.
  • Modding Tool add-on allows the player to create and share their own fictional scenarios running in the geopolitical simulator.

About Geo-political Simulator project history, and its creators

The game Power & Revolution is built on the 4th evolution of Geo-Political Simulator a.k.a. G.P.S. In development since 2004, Geo-Political Simulator strives to be ambitious and one of a kind, constantly evolving, with a team of dedicated specialists and developers. Its objective is to offer a simulation of today’s world whose comprehensiveness is constantly being improved—notably with data that is regularly updated—and to develop new scenarios that reflect world events and geopolitical upheavals.

G.P.S. is software from the French company Eversim, a company that specialized in the development of simulation and strategy games. This company was founded in February 2004 by André and Louis-Marie Rocques the former heads of the independent video game dev studio Silmarils, which launched more than 30 games between 1987 and 2003.,

The simulation engine and tools developed by Eversim are also used as serious gaming by several companies or organizations as a training and teaching tool for politics and diplomacy, as well as for simulating crisis situations. Below is a video that shows a special version of GPS being used by NATO for training future diplomats, within a simulation session of a geopolitical crisis. 

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