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By AJ_COOL79 Posted in Blog, Gaming, PC on May 26, 2021 0 Comments 5 min read
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Both games I am pre-viewing today are available for pre-order and, as you can guess, my impatient ass never learns a lesson, and I instantly pre-order both games that showcase gore. Coincidently, both games are made on Unreal Engine and it excels at gore. Now for me, there is no turning back. But for you, I can give a solid preview. Now, let’s begin.
(All the key points are on basis of shown gameplay and trailers)

[Editors Note: I was too slow to release this article! Biomutant is now out and can be found here on steam!]


Necromunda: Hired Guns is an upcoming First-Person, Hack-and-Slash, Bounty Hunter title set in the Warhammer 40k universe. It is developed by Streum Studios and will be published by Focus Home Studios. It is setting up a bar for upcoming Warhammer related titles


Necromunda: Hired Guns is set in the universe of Warhammer 40K. The Warhammer Universe is set in a far distant future world where there is nothing but war. A dark and gritty timeline with no peace. Following this theme, the color palette is darker with a warm color scheme to fit the mood. The game is made in Unreal Engine 4 which means the graphics should look good. Well, they do look pretty cool. Kinda like Shadow Warrior 3 combined with Doom. They haven’t showcased any facial animations yet but since they are a small indie group of 20 people I don’t recommend expecting much. (I have been surprised before!) Same for any non-weapon animations. The reload animations also appear a bit slow for a fast-paced shooter. Apart from that, the 3D models appear well detailed and fantastic. I do hope motion blur is absent. The soundtrack they have released so far…I am going to be honest with you, sounds like a dollar store Mick Gordan ripoff. But that just means there’s room for improvement, right?


Necromunda: Hired Guns, as I see it is a combination of Ghostrunner and Shadow Warrior 2. Many people seem to put Titanfall on the bandwagon because of the fast-paced wall climbing shown in-game but that is just a difference in perspective. In this game, you play as a bounty hunter and are likely given illegal tasks like importing an object from one place to other or assassinating an NPC. This is backed up with a variety of upgradable and unlockable weapons. The game will also focus on melee combat so expect Dishonor or Doom level of gore with intense chopping physics.

It is a fast-paced game so you gotta utilize everything to match the flow. You also have a loyal buddy, a cyber dog whose body parts are customizable. This game will feature no multiplayer in any shape or form at release but the devs have promised, “A Rich Singleplayer Experience.” Only time will tell if that’s true. There will also be several characters from the Warhammer universe and I hope they are interactable. The character customization will be preset based so that’s meh for me but many people won’t mind. That being said, if it’s just a Shadow Warrior reskin, I will be ok with that.


Biomuntant is out after several delays and countless development hurdles. Biomutant is a furry fable-like open-world RPG with bio-mechanical animals. Developed by experiment 101 and published by THQ nordic, which promises a rich single-player and densely detailed open world.


Biomutant looks absolutely eye-pleasing and alive ever since I first wish-listed it in 2017, only getting finer and finer with each new trailer drop. The game is without a doubt a masterpiece in terms of graphical design and style. The bright and bloomy color scheme makes the game look gorgeous. The color palette is unique and every item, character, enemy models are distinguishable from the environment. I don’t think the animals have voice actors and even when they have lines, facial animation is not a concern. The other third-person animations showcased in leaked trailers look extremely smooth and fluid as hell. The blood is bright red so that you get the feel of choppin’ the creature who dared to cross your path.


Biomutant is an open-world RPG so I would expect a “choices that matter” type of gameplay. From the description, melee combat will play an important role in enemy encounters though there are still a ton of shooting weapons ranging from assault rifles to shotguns to pistols. The existence of a sniper rifle is dubious. Biomutant will also have character classes, each with its own unique abilities. There will be parkour-based objectives as seen in gameplay and also some high in sky structures. The coolest thing I saw in the trailers is that you can ride a dragon. OMG! You can make some craftable dragon wings, make a sky glider to slowly glide down glaring at the beautiful scenery and the variations in environments like deserts, cities, and mountains. I liked the map a lot. The story is something about dying trees and you have to find a cure. There are also a ton of interiors to explore and loot. The game promises some fancy character customizations but I may go into more detail with that in a future full-game review.

That is it folks hope you enjoyed this one I really look forward to both of them and how the devs are planning to execute their crazy ideas.


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