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Price of Progress, A Poem about Praetor Jin-Gitaxias
By Melanpiriks Posted in Blog, Magic the Gathering on October 11, 2022 0 Comments 1 min read
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And another of my poem thingies, next on in the Praetor order is Jin-Gitaxias. This one is kinda short and has some weird words… intentionally, I want to say, since I figure that if you’d tell him to write a poem, he’d just use some search engine to find words that rhyme with each other, write some lines and call it a day. Enjoy!

Price of Progress

Learning truly is the greatest gift…

Teachings of yore are insignificant
Faith to the cause a simple tool
To the results, truly indifferent
Thinking otherwise the mark of fool
Ignoring such gives true compleation

Separate the skin from bone and flesh
Mentality becomes irrelevant
Construct absolution of metal fresh
Organics have become so decadent
Their paths ultimately end in deletion

Greatness achieved through synthesis
Evolution natural, just digitally accelerated
The Omega, with nothing amiss
Limits breached and newly innovated
My name in concretion

All will be One
So All will see
Ideas of superiority

Splicing the norm and so much more
While progress made from before
Crumble their concepts to its core
Let the beliefs they so adore
For one who ascends such bore
Be decimated in a feast of gore
Mere dust in front of intellect

The price of Progress, so is said
Inevitably ends in naught and dead
But what is a greater assist for this bet
Than a thirst for knowledge never fed?

Traitors at home avoid I shall
Reaping their sow before they fall
Hidden and whispered schemes not matter
Prepared neither should be better
To end this race, where the last wins
Evidently in realization among my kins


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