Gravity Co. Ltd is excited to ring in the holiday cheer in Ragnarok: Origin with a massive year-end update of holiday events for players to enjoy. Players will be able to earn bonus rewards by participating in events or helping returning players and can also enjoy new features such as the gear modification system.

Holiday Events

Beginning today through December 31st players will be able to participate in several holiday-themed events in Ragnarok: Origin. During the holiday events, players can earn login rewards such as lovely winter costumes and gacha trinkets. In addition, by participating in the holiday events, players will earn special coins that they can exchange for various rewards such as costumes, accessories, and more in addition to the below rewards.

Santa Hats

  • While out in the world players will notice normal monsters wearing Santa hats. By defeating these monsters they’ll earn extra rewards. 

War of Snow Plain

  • Every day players will have three chances to participate in a snowball fight in a special area beginning at 11:00-13:00, 16:00-18:00, and 22:00-23:59.

Treasure Hunt in the Snow

  • Each day players will be able to search for snow-related items in Lutie Plain. Players will receive a reward when interacting with the item.

Make a Snowman

  • By participating in the Santa hat, snowball fight, and treasure hunt in the snow events players will earn materials that they can turn in each day to help their server build a snowman.
  • The number of items turned in by players on the server will contribute to advancing the snowman through multiple stages. Different rewards will be given to players based on the stage that the snowman is in.

Returning Player Recruitment Program

With the year-end update, current players can take part in the Returning Player Recruitment Program which will last until January 22, 2022, to earn additional rewards. Current players of at least level 25 and returning players above level 55 are eligible to participate. Active and returning players can visit Sprakki to establish a recruitment relationship. 

Returning and current players will complete quests together to earn special tokens that they can then use to exchange for items in a special in-game shop. In addition, the Returning Player Recruitment Program will allow returning players to learn about basic game functions and general play in a quick manner.

Monk Class

The newest 2nd class has arrived in Ragnarok: Origin. Acolytes will now be able to choose the Monk class as their job progression. Unlike Priests who provide a more supportive role and use ranged attacks, Monks rely on close-quarter combat. As damage-dealers, Monks will use one-handed weapons to destroy their foes with spirits and deadly blows.

Additional Year-End Update Features:

  • Level 80 gear added
  • Gear Modification feature added. At level 80 players will unlock gear modification, which will allow them to modify and build onto gear attributes. Players can visit Chris the Gear Modification Master for help, located in the Equipment Shop in Prontera.
  • An all-new dungeon for level 80 players, Shackles of Chaos has been added.

The Year-End Update and Holiday Events are available for players to enjoy in Ragnarok Origin now by downloading the game on iOS or Android in the USA and Canada. 

About Gravity co., Ltd.:

Founded in April 2000, Gravity is a global game company and the only Korean game company listed on NASDAQ directly. As of June 30, 2021, Gravity’s signature IP, Ragnarok IP, has exceeded 120 million in global cumulative accounts. In addition, it was selected as the 2nd most loved Korean game overseas for 3 consecutive years (Global Hallyu Trend 2021).

Currently, Gravity has subsidiaries consisting of Gravity NEO CYON (Korea), Gravity Communications (Taiwan), Gravity Game Link (Indonesia), Gravity Interactive (USA), Gravity Game Arise (Japan), Gravity Game Tech (Thailand), Gravity Game Hub(Singapore), leading to a strong global network. Together with its branches, Gravity is expanding its recognition and influence worldwide by expanding its service with Ragnarok Online IP-related games as well as other games of various genres and platforms. In addition to various Ragnarok goods, it is accelerating Ragnarok content businesses, such as advancing into animation, IPTV, and webtoon fields, as well as conducting various brand collaborations.

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