After nearly 10 years of development and a successful showing at the Steam Next Fest, Battle Cry of Freedom is now available for all troops! Developers Flying Squirrel Entertainment have brought realism and history alive on the battlefield with massive 500-player matches. For a limited time, players can pick up Battle Cry of Freedom with a special launch discount of 20% off of the retail price of $19.99 (€19.99).

From the team behind the popular Mount & Blade: Warband – Napoleonic Wars expansion, Battle Cry of Freedom gives players a chance to experience the American Civil War up close and personal, complete with historically accurate uniforms and weaponry. Zip past bullets and dodge cannon blows while fighting epic battles in real-time with fully destructible environments and dynamic weather effects. Play as the Union or Confederate army and choose a spot among 3 distinct branches: artillery, infantry, and specialist.

Report For Duty in Battle Cry of Freedom

Battle Cry of Freedom puts players in control by offering a wide range of customization options, including dozens of classes and over 120 server settings. Experience thrilling battles across 14 maps inspired by key Civil War locations, and become an architect of the action by creating personalized maps using easy-to-learn modding tools. A variety of game modes including Commander Battle, Siege, Conquest, Convoy Ambush, and more ensure a new challenge with every playthrough.

Report For Duty in Battle Cry of Freedom

Key Features:

  • Accurate mid-19th century weapons, uniforms, and environments.
  • Massive multiplayer battles with up to 500 players simultaneously fighting each other on the same battlefield.
  • A wide range of artillery pieces ranging from field cannons to mortars, capable of firing a variety of missiles such as canisters, explosive shells, case shots, solid shots, bolts, and more – all fully controllable by players.
  • Construct barricades, dig trenches, and rig explosives.
  • Destructible environments -players can use a range of cannons, axes, and explosives to destroy various buildings, bridges, walls, trees, and other structures.
  • Special musician units with drums, fifes, bugles, banjos, violins, or pianos
  • More than 50 classical and folk background music tracks, all recorded and played by award-winning musicians
  • Wage war on more than 14 maps all across North America or play on a randomly generated map.
  • Create your own maps with the included easy-to-learn but powerful Scene Editor.
  • Participate in the community and enlist with a Regiment (Clan) to take part in massive, organized battles with players re-enacting historically accurate tactics of the Civil War Era.
  • Over 120 server settings allow you to personalize every detail of the game.

Ready to make your mark on the battlefield? Review keys for Battle Cry of Freedom are available upon request. 

About Flying Squirrel Entertainment: 

Flying Squirrel Entertainment was originally formed from the team behind the “Mount & Musket” modification for Mount & Blade: Warband, to make the official expansion for the same game: “Napoleonic Wars”. Based in Europe, the team consists of four members. All of them are former game modders and formed Flying Squirrel Entertainment when they decided to start making their own games. The team are also hardcore war re-enactors and take part in living-history events all across Europe. As they come from both a gaming and a living history background, they are very passionate about what they create!

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