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Today we are pleased to announce that retro action platformer Metaloid: Origin will soon be available on PS4™, available digitally in North America, Europe, and Asia tomorrow, July 13th.

Metaloid: Origin is the sequel to the run-and-gun classic METAGAL. This entry features 3 playable characters with unique abilities and 9 biomes to traverse, as well as multiple difficulty settings to keep the experience as accessible as it is challenging. Metaloid: Origin shares the same endearing pixel art style and musical composer as METAGAL, lending familiarity amidst a bevy of gameplay improvements.

Originally developed by Retro Revolution and ported by 7 Raven Studios, Metaloid: Origin will be published by Eastasiasoft Limited for this PS4™ release. Digital pricing is set at US$6.99/€6.99.

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Metaloid: Origin PS4 Trailer

About Metaloid: Origin

Take the role of 3 “Predator” androids as they defend their world against the robot army of Lucian Corp. Each playable character offers distinct advantages. Erika can flood the screen with bullet fire, Zeta uses atomic thunder to strike hard and fast, while Neva employs a jetpack to fly across levels and attack from above. As one of these warriors, you’ll have to traverse forests, deserts, caves, and snowfields to stop the invaders before they drain the planet’s resources and fuel a galactic war! Use Soulrium dropped by defeated robots to unlock new weapons at any time, and gain the power needed to take down menacing bosses.

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