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RPG Maker MZ: How Easy is it?
By samanth Posted in Gaming, Info, PC, Reviews on June 30, 2021 0 Comments 6 min read
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RPG Maker MZ - v1.1.0 Update | The Official RPG Maker Blog

Hello! Today I will be reviewing a fairly new game engine starting to mature. KADOKAWA Interactives series of RPG Makers have been legendary. It is not only for beginners but also for professionals. This game engine does not require any programming knowledge, so you can make a game and even publish it with 0% knowledge of programming! RPG Maker games on steam are still alive and running in 2021. Other than that, they are very popular and fun to play with! This article will cover everything about this Game Engine.

RPG Maker MV, which was the predecessor of MZ, is very similar to MZ. They have some small and major changes, which we will be talking about first! You might not understand some of these changes because only some advanced things are changed in the engine.


  • The new ATV Battle System awaits you! It is now available in the settings tab! It has two versions of them, Active and Wait, Active means that time progresses when you select which move to make in your happening battle, which means that you will have to make your choices faster, And Wait, basically does the opposite, you get as much time as you want to pick your move in your battle.
  • The overly complicated animation blender from RPG Maker MV has been removed and added a more simple way to do it. Animations are now made in a program called Effekseer. Effekseer is also complicated to use, but sometimes things are not that easy when creating a game! But RPG Maker MZ makes it easy by giving you 10+ Default Effects already produced in Effekseer! How amazing is that?
  • Mapping has been updated by a new addition called Layers. Now you get to choose which layer contains which tiles. You can choose four layers from and edit or use the automatic mode that MV uses. This makes mapping way easier and helpful for advanced mappings, like the parallax mapping technique.
  • When switched to Event Mode, you can see all the events you have created on the left side of your screen.
  • New Tiles!

That was it for all the major changes in RPG Maker MZ from RPG Maker MV!


  • Now you can choose the font, screen width, screen height of the game and not suffer from installing 12 plugins and finally making your game full-screen.
  • You can now create your own menu items when pressed [ESC] in-game.
  • The autosave option is available! With 5 Slots with manual save as well!
  • The Route Editor now has a preview option that is easy to understand.
  • The character creator has received a lot of new updates.
  • The character creator now has an “Offest” option where you can choose where to place your face parts (noes, mouth, eyes, etc.)

That was about all the minor changes made in RPG Maker MZ. Now let’s talk about how easy it is to make games in RPG Maker MZ.


The GUI looks very simple. On the left side, you can select your tiles and draw on the map with ease. You can select the tile you want and click anywhere on the map to draw the tile, How easy is that?

You get a huge collection of default tiles to play with and develop your map!

You can download thousands and thousands of custom tilesets from the internet for completely free for commercial and non-commercial use! The RPG Maker community is awesome!

6 Huge Default Collection of Tilesets for your game!

Create your characters for the game with the simple built-in character creator! With cute-chibi characters!

Don’t like chibi charaters? No worries. You can create tall and realistic characters with some basic photoshop skills!

Or with the tall character creator tool, developed by me!

Make different maps that your character can explore or go on adventures on! It’s so easy that I made this edgy-looking map, in 30 seconds!

With the most simple NPC creation and Event Creation Sytem.

This is how the event creation tool looks like. You need 0% knowledge of programming. This will manage all of your NPCs, Actions, and the functionality of your game! For example, I will show you how easy it is to make an event. For example, let’s make an NPC where you can interact with.

Double click on a tile where you want your NPC to spawn on.

First lets head down to the image tab and select our character, for example, I will pick this guy.

Simply browse through the different categories and click on your desired character.

And boom! His there!

Double click on him again to edit his properties, Now let us make it so that he should say something to us whenever we touch him! But first, let’s change our trigger from [ACTION BUTTON] [ENTER] to Player Touch.

Lets head to the contents menu and double click on the first line!

You will see this huge window with all these options, which you can add, but for now, let’s stick with the NPC saying a message to our player!

Click on “Show Text,” and now you can choose your message and your person’s face and name. If you remember, when we chose our character first, we choose a category called People3. So let’s head to the People3 category and find our guy’s face!

And there is the face our character, lets select him, enter his name and press on [OK] Button.

And now we are all set! Lets close the event tab and click on the play button to test out our game!

And gwalla! Our NPC! is talking!

With this, we understood how easy it is to work with this engine. If you want to learn this engine, I suggest you follow SRDude’s tutorials on YouTube. Trust me. His are one of the best tutorials on RPG Maker out there.


The game engine costs 22 dollars, which is very reasonable for an engine that is so easy to use. In addition, the games are fully commercially allowed on steam and other platforms! So you can directly start making money! For example, one of the most popular games made with RPG Maker, To The Moon, has sold over ten thousand copies!

  • Wait for Sale
  • Buy ✔️
  • Never


Thank you so much for reading my review on this amazing game engine by KADOKAWA Interactives, I myself am developing a game with this engine. And there will be articles coming out from me on the journey of developing a game in this engine!

  • Samanth ✍️


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