Today is the biggest yearly beat for SMITE as it has officially launched its new Season 9 on all platforms. Flowing with new content, this update includes a new mode and major changes in Conquest. For veterans and aspiring deities alike, now is the perfect time to jump or jump back into Hi-Rez’s famous third-person MOBA.

New Mode: Slash

As the first new mode in four years, Slash was highly anticipated by fans since its announcement in 2021. Out today and accessible to all players, it offers a gameplay identity at the junction between the most competitive Conquest mode, and the more accessible Arena mode. Slash is the ideal choice for players who like to be rewarded for both their skill and ingenious decision-making.

New Mode: Slash

A remarkable map has been created especially for the mode. Inspired by the Maya and Egyptian pantheons, it allows for more team fights and meaningful objectives.

In typical SMITE fashion, Slash provides a fast-paced mix between action and strategy. It incorporates summonable Juggernauts – players’ favorite part of the Siege mode – to the 5v5 two-lane experience of Clash.

The Juggernauts benefit from a brand-new model and distinctly take after Apophis, the mode’s giant Jungle Boss. They dwell in contested Jungle camps where either team can try to defeat them, spawning an allied Juggernaut sure to prove a valuable ally during the assault of the enemy base. Juggernauts make for memorable moments as they can be either the dawn of a comeback or the tipping point needed to close a Slash game.

New Conquest Map

New Conquest Map

Last year for the first time, SMITE released several seasonal updates for the map of its most competitive mode, Conquest. This successful initiative continues in 2022, and today with the launch of Season 9 comes to the new Dharmic Era Conquest map, the first of three to come this year.

The Hindu-themed map includes a brand-new gameplay feature, the Obelisks. Both teams can fill their own Obelisk by slaying Jungle monsters – including a new one, the Naga – or stealing from the enemy. The first team to fully charge their Obelisk receives a unique and powerful reward: Indra’s Scepter. Functioning as an indestructible mobile team tool, Indra’s Scepter either attacks nearby enemies or heals allies and structures.

Glyph Items and Next Relic Tier

The Season 9 Update has introduced a new item feature: Glyphs. Available for everyone and in every mode, a total of ten Glyphs allow players to further upgrade select Tier 3 items, gaining access to powerful unique bonuses.

Upgrading the Rod of Tahuti into its ‘Calamitous’ glyphed version will make abilities call down meteors onto your foes. Jotunn’s Wrath, once glyphed, becomes Jotunn’s Vigor and provides an insane Ability Lifesteal surge when dropping to low health, potentially making it the new weapon of choice for many a Warrior.

Choosing the right Glyph at the right time can make a huge difference in a fight and ultimately lead the team to victory.

Another major gameplay change affects SMITE Relics, a crucial aspect of the game. Many have changed, and now all of them can be upgraded a second time to reach Tier 3. Not unlike glyphs, each of the twenty-six Tier 3 Relic grants a unique effect designed for specific situations. The Drowned Ankh, for instance, releases damaging miasma pools under enemy Gods who receive healing, while the Bracer of Illumination spawns a patrolling light sprite that reveals nearby stealthed enemies.

Apollo Remodel

Earlier this month, the SMITE community was delighted to behold the God of music’s new model, replacing the previous one that dated back to the birth of SMITE. As Apollo, players now truly feel how much importance the Greek God gives to his outstanding good looks. For nostalgic veterans, Classic Apollo skin will remain available to purchase and playable.

New Bundles and Event

SMITE Season 9

The new Season Pass, the best-value yearly bundle, is now available for 2022. It unlocks all Season 9 Gods along with spectacular content for each, the Limited skin Space Scoundrel Danzaburou, and more.

Also out today, the Dharmic Era in-game event features skin bundles available for purchase, with additional collection rewards leading to the Croaki Loki Unlimited skin. What’s more, quests are entirely free for everyone and unlock a Hindu Pantheon Loading Frame that keeps evolving to reflect their progression through this event.

Coming along Season 9 is SMITE’s new Battle Pass: Hellfire Syndicate, with icons of the criminal Underworld such as Crimson Kraken Poseidon as instant unlock, Devil Punk Da Ji as a free skin, and Angel of Death Thanatos as the ultimate reward.

Finally, all players can now earn the new Season 9 Ranked rewards, including the Grave Golem Geb skin, as acknowledgements of their commitment and performance in SMITE’s competitive mode.

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