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Seeing Red, A Poem about the Dark Side
By Melanpiriks Posted in Blog, Gaming, TV on November 17, 2022 0 Comments 1 min read
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Hey, here I am with another weird poem thing. Enjoy!

There’s nothing of value in this galaxy
Except I
Deify me and my excellency
Or say goodbye

The darkest corners are my home
Swamps, cities, or tombs of stone
Everywhere you see me
Nowhere my traces be
Power impressively focused
For those that are never three

Anger and passion are a coin, the same
All mere weapons for my rightful claim
Eventually returning to this so-called Dark Side
But who gets to decide what’s right?
Redundant answer, the ones with power

And who has more than the ones feared?
Once your hindrances are cleared
You find me, cackling, waiting
And when your life is fading
Rest assured that you served a higher purpose

There are two kinds of objects in existence
Those that are mine, those that I toss aside in deliverance
Gratefully the lowers may stretch out in greed
What is allowed for them to reap
As long as they remember the pyramid

There is no peace
So be at ease
When you release
Conquer and seize

And to the blind as well as the just, it will be painfully clear
Once they show a moment of weakness, the end is near

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