Jestercraft is proud to announce the release date for the developer’s first VR title, Seeker: My Shadow!

Find Seeker: My Shadow on Steam

Seeker: My Shadow is a VR adventure that utilizes the versatility and possibilities of VR, sending players of all ages to an immersive adventure! You control a Giant Spirit while assisting Kippo, a small and adorable Seeker, through various puzzle levels. Go solo or solve the levels in co-op mode!

The release version will feature:

  • 20 Puzzle levels
  • Support for local co-op
  • Steam Remote Play support for online co-op
  • Controller support
  • Rich and crazy story
  • Localization support for multiple languages (Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Finnish…)
  • 100% family-friendly gameplay

Seeker: My Shadow has been developed from the very beginning with the core idea of providing a mesmerizing VR experience for players of all ages, but also as an adventure that is perfectly suitable for introducing the world of VR gaming to the younger players around the globe!

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