Today, SEGA published the second spotlight trailer for Sonic Colours: Ultimate™, the adrenaline-pumping upgrade to the iconic 2010 platformer Sonic Colours. In the latest spotlight trailer, Sonic fans will meet the colourful Wisps who enable Sonic to reach new heights as he travels throughout Dr. Eggman’s Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park. You can check out the trailer here. You can find a breakdown of the various Wisps and their powers below:

White Wisp – Fill your boost gauge and accelerate into super speeds, destroy obstacles and enemies in your path
Cyan Wisp – Turn Sonic into a powerful cyan laser, move across the stage at lightning speed and zap enemies in your path
Jade Wisp – Transform Sonic into a Jade ghost, fly around and phase through solid objects to reach hidden areas
Pink Wisp – Turn Sonic into a pink spike that can roll up walls and ceilings and attack enemies
Green Wisp – Transform Sonic into a green hover form to reach higher areas and float past treacherous obstacles
Orange Wisp – Turn Sonic into an orange rocket, blast into the air and reach unparalleled heights
Blue Wisp – Switch blue rings and blue blocks to open new routes, turn Sonic into a blue cube to stomp down enemies
Yellow Wisp – Transform Sonic into a yellow drill and dig through the ground or torpedo through the water
Purple Wisp – Transform Sonic into a hungry purple frenzy and eat anything in your path

Sonic Colours: Ultimate™ will launch on PlayStation®4, Xbox One Consoles, and Nintendo Switch™ on September 7.

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