Last Boss 88 Studio announces the Early Access release of SHINORUBI on January 20, 2022. In the tradition of the Danmaku games, SHINORUBI is a colorful arcade shoot’em up of the bullet-hell type with high-resolution graphics offering a great replayability thanks to its numerous game modes, difficulty levels, and arranged modes.

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Become a legendary space pilot

Take your place in the cockpit and write the legend of the raid on Shinorubi, the home planet of the powerful “R-R” material and under the rule of the despotic BAÄA family. 

Show your piloting skills by dodging numerous enemy shots and breaking through ground and air defenses. You start at full power from the beginning and will have to defeat powerful bosses in the persons of the cruel generals of the tyrannical army on your way to free Shinorubi.

SHINORUBI in a nutshell: a classic Danmaku game

SHINORUBI offers a fast-paced arcade action pack with great replayability thanks to the many available difficulty levels, multiple Arrange modes, and spaceships to pilot.

Playable with a keyboard, a joystick, and a customizable arcade controller, Shinorubi offers up to 4K resolution and features precise gameplay, a rich scoring system, and a fever bar that can be activated to cancel all shots on screen.

The collection of available modes offers action, fun, challenges and above all immense replayability for all! Pass the 1CC challenge (credit clear) in the story mode, fight only the bosses in the dedicated mode, or take advantage of the  Arrange modes.

Same levels but different rules: welcome to Arrange Modes

Extend your enjoyment and discover new ways to play SHINORUBI. Shoot the pink pigs, get a shield, eliminate marked ships to clear the shots on screen, embark on an endless raid, alternate your shot types to defeat your enemies, or set your difficulty level in real-time.

Early Access

The Early Access will provide the addition of 5 new pilots (for a total of 8), 3 more Arrange Modes (for a total of 9), and 2 ‘Extra’ game modes including the Caravan Stage Mode: Score the highest score in limited time.

Unique Features

  • Danmaku: You get hit, you’re dead. Avoid the mass of bullets and destroy numerous enemies.
  • Boss Fights: Take on Mid bosses and powerful army generals (Bosses) in epic battles.
  • Fever Bar: Clear the screen of enemy fire and receive additional bonuses.
  • Scoring System: Improve your score with point multipliers by surviving enemy barrage, destroying your enemies, collecting stars and medals, and using as few bombs as possible.
  • Replayability: Up to 5 difficulty levels, 2 game modes and 6 Arrange modes (19 available modes at the end of the Early Access)
  • Games Modes: Boss Fights mode and a Classic mode in which you can pass the 1CC challenge (Credit Clear). 2 Extra Game modes will be added during the Early Access including the Caravan Stage Mode.
  • Arrange Modes: Same levels but different gameplay. 6 available Arrange Modes and 3 additional to be added during the Early Access.
    • SHIELD: Use a shield to protect against enemy fire.
    • CANCEL: Destroy marked spaceships to clear all shots on the screen.
    • LASER / SHOT: Alternate between laser and classic shots to destroy your enemies.
    • JOURNEY: Get ready for a long journey with several game loops.
    • PINK PIG: Don’t miss any pig, that’s the rule!
    • SUPER RANK: Choose your level of difficulty in real-time
  • Pilots:  Select a pilot and his spaceship with unique weapons and characteristics among the 3 already available. 5 more will be added during the Early Access.
  • Controls: Use a keyboard, a joystick, or an arcade controller and customize all the action buttons.
  • Display: The display options offer you a resolution of up to 4K. The game is optimized to run between 60 and 120 fps.
  • Story: Overthrow the BAÄA family’s despotic rule over Shinorubi in a legendary raid.

About Last Boss 88

Last Boss88 is a structure created especially to edit SHINORUBI. The 2 founding members Vincent and Romuald have known each other since the 90s when they were demomakers. 3 years ago, after having realized many projects on their own, they decided to work together again and create SHINORUBI… They are both fond of arcade games… and we want to recreate the atmosphere of the 90’s shooters with today’s style.

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