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Slavic roguelite RPG GUILT: The Deathless launches via early access in April 2022
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GUILT: The Deathless – a nostalgic roguelike action RPG adventure set in an eerie ever-changing shared world launches in Early Access for PC via Steam on Thursday, April 28, 2022. This is the second game from Outer Brain Studios, the indie developer behind VR horror hit Organ Quarter.

Find GUILT: The Deathless on Steam

GUILT: The Deathless is a rich dark fantasy inspired by Slavic folklore and real history in which players endure the perils of permanent death in a persistent world where every player’s impact remains. 

Hand-picked by SIX (Seattle Indies Expo) Online celebrating independent games made in the Pacific Northwest, the game’s popularity continues to grow with PC gamers on Steam with currently over 15,000 players adding this atmospheric roguelike to wishlists. And, now the wait is nearly over for those willing to walk the lonely path, but not in a lonely world, to save humanity’s kingdom.

Harmony reigned until The Haze

A mysterious, dark, and dreadful magenta mist has descended, devastating the realm of Rybovia, leading the way for scores of hideous creatures not seen for centuries. The ageless and cunning great sorcerer Koschei deigns to discover the cause of this catastrophe, locking players into a pact to unravel the grim secrets of The Haze. Koschei entrusts players with the Threadbare Knot that lends his magical powers of protection enlisting them on a journey to save the land. 

Will you beg for forgiveness?

GUILT: The Deathless features brutal but balanced real-time freeform combat that puts players’ skills to the test. Play as a Threadbarer slashing a path through a dark trail full of the footprints of other players’ pasts. Roam through bleak twisted landscapes and lairs in the quest to end an eternal cycle of decay and destruction. Brave real-time dungeons amid old school turn-based hex maps where all actions carve the map into evolving circumstances of jeopardy, safety, shortcuts, and passage.

With a unique Guilt gameplay mechanic, players can choose to keep a clear conscience to yield the Threadbare Knot’s strength. However, these rotting realms do not make it easy to seek redemption, with prosperous temptations at every turn. Shamelessly salvaging the remains of other players’ plunder will swell guilt which the Threadbare Knot absorbs until all its power is lost. With the lure of mighty rewards from looted treasures, players elect what they will gain, or lose, from their Guilt.

Choose from an array of weapons including scythes, staffs, swords, and spears, either ransacked as guilt-laden loot or guilt-free purchases from the main shop the Wares. Currently run by Domovoy, a bone-devouring creature from Slavic folklore who will trade equipment for bones collected from slain foes. Players can also spend bones on a vast array of powerful enchantments to enrich items.

From foreboding swampy forests to shipwrecks, surprises will impact every perilous run. Even the weather can complicate players’ journeys as they evade The Haze’s monstrosities – from giant tentacled eyeballs bursting hell fireballs to fiends, spectres, and daemons dwelling under the thunderous canopy.
Players encounter twisted, enigmatic NPCs who will either enrich or ruin their journey plus fresh loot-driven gameplay that can aid players in discovering more about this warped world.
GUILTY pleasures

  • Controller enabled
  • Unique Guilt gameplay mechanism – the less guilty you are, the longer you may survive
  • Non-linear world map and procedurally generated levels across multiple twisted landscapes
  • An original blend of roguelike and shared-world adventure
  • Unlock shortcuts, share loot, and build altars – to help or hinder – other players

 The game turns up the atmospheric tension with the original soundtrack by artist Anadale, composer of Organ Quarter’s retro-horror tracklist. The haunting and beautiful music sets the mood for the strange, and savage forces afoot in The Haze.
Seattle-based Outer Brain Studios launched their VR horror hit Organ Quarter in 2017.
Steam – 90% Very Positive – VR Game of the Year 2017 (VR Italia) 

GUILT: The Deathless is available on Steam – Thursday, April 28th, 2022, at $17.99 with a 10% launch discount ($16.20) for the first week. Local/Regional prices will be shown on Steam.  


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