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Slip Into Squish for PC and Nintendo Switch on May 31
By Other News Posted in News on April 14, 2022 0 Comments 2 min read
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PM Studios and Grave Rave Games are thrilled to announce that the release of Squish is quickly sliding into view. Fans of spoopy, squishy, fast-paced multiplayer action will be able to slip into the game on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch starting May 31, 2022. With up to five distinctly different game modes and a plethora of great hats and skins, players will be able to get the perfectly gooey look to suit their style.

Find Squish on Steam

Don’t let the adorable, brightly colored graphics in Squish fool you. This is a fierce, competitive, and lightning-fast local and online multiplayer platformer. Up to four players can join an underground rave of the gooey undead and party it up until it starts falling down. Literally. Even as debris rains down, players must run, jump, and push blocks around to get into a better position to squish opponents. As with all great “winner-takes-all” games, the last goo around takes it all!

Features include:

  • Squish other players directly and try to survive until the end while partying on the sides, there are many ways to rave it up.
  • Party all you want, but surviving a collapsing underground rave is tough!
  • Squish is easy to learn, but hard to master!
  • Whether using a mouse and keyboard or a controller, there are only a few controls to pick up before anyone can push blocks and dodge threats that come along.
  • Mastering the controls and knowing exactly how to manipulate the terrain to survive, however, is another story.

If physical is more your style, Squish is also available to pre-order now on Nintendo Switch at a number of these very fine retailers. 

Squish will be available for PC via Steam for $9.99 with a 10% discount the first week. Nintendo Switch players can pick up a copy via the Nintendo eShop for $9.99 as well.

About PM Studios

Founded in 2008 and based in Los Angeles, California, and Seoul, Korea, PM Studios, Inc. is an independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment and mobile applications.

About Grave Rave Games

Grave Rave Games is an indie game development studio that puts the party in games.


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