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By AJ_COOL79 Posted in Blog, Gaming, Indie Games, PC on February 23, 2021 0 Comments 5 min read
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In Wilmot’s warehouse, you play as a small square character Wilmot who is in charge of a warehouse. Your goal is simple, every day a truck will load some items and some customers will demand different stuff. All you have to do is organize it properly so that providing a customer what he wants won’t be much of a problem. If you fail to give items to customers as per their requirements then at one point you will lose your job. It is a small fresh relaxing experience I recommend to everyone. Also, it was free on Epic Games Store so if you claimed it there is no excuse to not try it!

PIKUNIKU : 8.5/10

This is one of the most charming small indie game in which you make new friends and do some fun small minigames. It is a cute 2D indie game with a minimalistic art style with possibly one of the best music I have ever heard. You play as a red-legged bean in a world with more small funny characters with really funny dialogue and each NPC has a handcrafted routine. It also has a fun 2 player couch coop that plays like a fun physics-based platformer. The story is linear and fun and simple to understand with some of the funniest (silliest) dialogue! It was also free on EPic games store so if you claimed it try it out now


If you loved Hollow Night you would love Rain World. It’s about a strange white creature who tries to survive the strange atmosphere. Rain World is a 2D rogue-like indie game. Unlike Hollow Knight, it does not explain anything about what to do and how to do it. Instead, you have to figure it out all on your own. For example, you see those small 3 pixels on the end of a wall? Well, it is a witch and it will kill you because you ignored it. So in your next run, you will now not ignore the 3 pixels! Oh and uh… no checkpoints make the game more frustrating. A must-play for those who love challenges


In snakey bus you play as a bus which is snakey. Surprising, I know. Getting real in snakey bus, you control a bus which grows in size for every passenger it gets and also gains more speed. If you stop at a place for too long your bus will get smaller in size. To put more Michael Bay into this, there are guns you can attach to your bus and there is a really cool multiplayer mode in which you can have a blast with your friends! It truly represents the current state of the internet. Wacky, stupid fun 😀


One of the most innovative first-person puzzle games since portal . It is practically impossible to explain what happens in this game without showing some gameplay. You can basically control size of a object just by holding it in a certain angle or get an object by looking at the world around at a different angle. It got some juicy, chunky dark lore going on so do not miss out on any of the lore bits. It is short, something new and refreshing and extremely challenging, and a must-play.


We all see some pedestrians on sign boards or traffic lights and as a kid imagined them walking inside the little boxes, welp this game makes your imagination come true! The pedestrian is a 2D-3D hybrid side-scrolling puzzle-platform where you play as a pedestrian traveling across sign boards and lights and try to solve complex platforms backed up by some really charming soundtracks. This game is short, which is sad, but it makes your stay worth the while.


In a short hike, you play as a vibing penguin who lives in Hawk Peak provincial. Your goal is to hike at the top of Hawk Peak. Now how you reach the top is entirely on you. You could either go full dream level and speedrun it OR explore the beauty of the game, catch a fish in the lake, talk with other hikers and help them out. Make some friends, swim in the water, have a picnic, glide down mountain with your wings to just sit at a mountains edge and listen to the lush music by Mark Sparling while the sun sets (grab a cup of coffee while this happens). It is just a game where you can chill and escape reality. Burn a marshmallow, run around freely, there is no rush in hiking the top of the hill. Do it at your own pace. It’s almost like therapy. The base price is very cheap so no need to wait for sale

Welp that is it, folks I hope you try at least one of the dishes from the menu, I will end the list here because I think those are a lot of recommendations I hope you try at least one of them! Have a great day and stay safe 🙂


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