Christmas’ pagan roots are on show to horrifying goat-cult levels in the big new update to Thunderful & Carry Castle’s roguelite action RPG Source of Madness, a Lovecraftian odyssey powered by procedural generation and AI machine learning that generates unique horrors for you to face on every run.

The Krampus and Cold Air update adds a towering eldritch horror for players to conquer in the form of Krampus, the ancient high priest of the goat people that has awoken and now blocks the path to the old age altar of the Icemancers. For those who manage to defeat this epic boss, the road to unlocking the Icemancer class awaits. This new class gives you an air-dash that allows you to glide atop a transmuted path of ice – with great skill, it can be a deadly weapon.

The goat people aren’t the only cult in Source of Madness’ twisted universe. With other cults springing into existence, This new update offers you the option to pray to a variety of outer and elder gods, whether they listen or not. It’s a gamble – you never know if you will receive some of the most legendary spells or a curse that will make you scream at the gods in anguish. The new Krampus and Cold Air update also brings changes to the Pyromancer class, with Pyromancers now dropping a timed explosive on the dash, igniting creatures that dare to give chase in a ball of flame.

Source of Madness sees you take on the role of a new Acolyte as they embark on a nightmarish odyssey. Uncover the cosmic secrets of the Loam Lands and The Tower of Madness, the moon’s mysterious Citadel. Battle billions of procedurally generated monsters with powerful spells, conquer epic bosses, and explore gothic-inspired locations on a journey that blends roguelike progression with RPG-esque character building.

Source of Madness’ world isn’t one for jolly Christmas-themed content but we’ve found a way to deliver some seasonally appropriate winter-themed horrors for players to enjoy in this new update,” said Per Fornander, Co-Founder at Carry Castle. “The game is getting bigger and better with every update thanks to the help of our community and we’re really excited to keep moving forward towards release in 2022”.

About Source of Madness

Source of Madness offers endless possibilities every time you play. Fight hordes of nightmarish beasts utilising powerful close-combat magic, explore labyrinthine environments, collect powerful loot and manage your item loadout, then infuse the beasts’ blood at magical altars to be granted permanent unlocks like additional classes, abilities, perks, and spells. Decide your Acolyte’s fate in the customisable skill tree for each class, offering a vast swathe of options to create your own unique character.

As your journey progresses, the arcane lore of the Loam Lands unfurls and plunges you deeper into its dark depths. The world and monsters are rendered using a combination of hand-drawn assets, AI visual manipulation, and procedural generation. The monsters inhabiting this dark world are animated using a machine learning AI.

About Thunderful

Thunderful Group is a group of companies that develops, publishes, and invests in games as well as distributes Nintendo products, games, game accessories, and toys. Founded in 2017 Thunderful Games is one of the two business segments in Thunderful Group, the other being Thunderful Distribution. Over the last few years, Thunderful Games has, organically and via acquisitions, grown into a global organization with eight development studios and over 300 employees. Besides the award-winning internal development pipeline, Thunderful Games also publishes a large number of third-party titles and invests in external game projects.

About Carry Castle

Carry Castle is a small game company based in Sweden that loves new technology and was born from their great passion for playing and making games. Its titles include musical VR relaxation experience Zen Garden, the action-packed VR physics adventure Everything Must Fall, and its upcoming gothic action-roguelike Source of Madness.

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