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By AJ_COOL79 Posted in Blog, Console, Gaming, Indie Games, PC, Updates on March 31, 2021 0 Comments 4 min read
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Like every year sony conducted State of Play event in which they reveal upcoming titles on their platform and other news. So if you forgot to watch it on live we are here to tell you all the new titles announced. Let us begin


After being teased for a year now, Scott Cawthon finally revealed the next title in the FNAF franchise. This time you can free roam in the game which is a major change since all previous titles had been point and click. FNAF is a horror game franchise that revolves around Freddy Fazbear entertainment and child murders. All the internet theorists around the world have got a purpose to live again.


Though announced at Nintendo direct, I saw it for the first time in state of play. This game looks amazing in terms of gameplay. It is fast, fun, totally wacky gameplay I have seen in recent times. To summarize what I saw you basically throw balls at people, you can also become a ball your squad can throw at people. This one is on my watch list.


Imagine dead cells but as a 3rd person shooter. Return follows the story of this dude who crashed on a weird alien planet and tries to survive using whatever loot he can find to upgrade his sci-fi neon guns. Now this game has one problem, it has nothing to hook you up, or at least that is how they presented it in the state of play, Killing monsters is not satisfying, the animations are clunky, motion blur looks ugly and story bits including cut scenes appear forced. It is one of the games which you think looks cool in the trailers but then it releases and gets forgotten in a matter of time.


SIFU is a beat-em-up fighting game. The low poly art style looks amazing and the animations look very fluid. I think they could work on the OST because the one they were playing at the event was a very generic Asian tune. Anyways the title looks interesting and I would be looking forward to it. Also since the dude was beating everyone mercilessly I thought the name of game is STFU for a second.


ODDWORLD: SOULSTORM is a 2D 3D hybrid platformer with some rogue-like elements. The game looks beautiful and the gameplay brings some new ideas to the play infused with some really good audio design. The game was already announced and is available to pre-purchase from epic games store for PC so it kinda didn’t pumped state of play that much. But I love the ODDWORLD series and I look forward to this one.


A 3D platformer mixed with a walking simulator, congratulation Heart Machine you did it. The aesthetic and art of the game feel very dull and overused. The gameplay does nothing to attract you, it is just your 3D average platforming experience. Killing enemies doesn’t look fun or rewarding but rather like a chore. There is just nothing about this game. This was the least interesting revealed title, for me at least.


At first, I was like why are they showing a Pixar movie trailer. This game looks gorgeous and charming. Animations are lovely and character models are adorable. The audio design and voice acting is done right. Really hope for this game’s success the devs hard work is seen through each second in gameplay and I just wanna see them win. The motion blur looks kinda bad though, I hope it can be turned off in-game. But other than that this game is presented beautifully in the event.


According to me, State Of Play was a pretty meh event. PS5 port announcements were not at all necessary because very few people actually own a PS5, Scott Cawthon single-handedly saved the state of play, that Kina game does look fresh, Knock Out City looks really amazing but it was announced already at Nintendo direct, and Death loop is now available for pre-purchase from PS store. For Crash Bandicoot 4, PS5 port utilizes the adaptive triggers so you can feel every part of the action you do. Among us is not coming to PlayStation, DAYS GONE store page is now on Steam, and that was pretty much it, I hope they tell the real release date of PS5 soon. Let us know your thoughts on state of play in the comments 🙂


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