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By AJ_COOL79 Posted in Blog, Gaming, PC on May 4, 2021 0 Comments 7 min read
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Steam has recently introduced a new remote play feature that let’s you play co-op games with friends with only either of you owning the game just by mere sharing of a link. It also supports steam link, a mobile app which lets you stream steam games from PC to mobile. Very exciting, I know! To celebrate this big update, here is a selection of hand-picked fun co-op games to play and enjoy with your friends and family.


Portal 2 is not only a must-play co-op game but also a must-play video game in general. The campaign is a masterpiece, the soundtrack is god bless eargasm. The atmosphere is well made, humor is on point and overall this game is among the masterpieces. Now to the co-op, Portal 2 has a two player only co-op with its own separate lore. You and your plus-one play as two test robots, each with a portal gun, and are put through multiple tests on each level. Each level has something new to offer and you both NEED to work together to complete and pass the stage. You don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to understand how to play the game, it is just a really simple puzzle game that makes it perfect to play with someone who has never played games but just wants to spend time with you… like your mom (Or girlfriend, boyfriend, cousin, sibling, etc! You do you). You also get skins as achievements! In short really amazing co-op experience. Also, no… Portal 3 is not real 🙂


Left 4 Dead 2 is a cult classic co-op for any gamer from the 2000s or before and its gameplay still holds up. In Left 4 Dead 2, 4 players must work together to battle waves and waves of zombies. The graphics of Left 4 Dead 2 have aged finely but its soundtrack to this day, kicks the feelings. Left 4 Dead 2 comes packed with tons of maps, a lot of co-op campaign levels (can be played solo with AI), it also contains a lot of modes like survive, scavenge, mutation, versus, realism, realism versus, versus survival and some single-player modes. A lot of zombie variations and on top of that steam workshop support adds even more maps and modes. In short a jam pack competitive co-op game must-have for every steam library.


Stardew Valley is a small game about farming and expansion. It is like harvest moon, but better and on PC. Co-op allows up to 4 farmers to share their fields and work together. This game provides almost never-ending content and a really nice atmosphere. The game features a complex farming system according to weather, mining, fishing, basically all primary sector activities. Fighting creatures, taming animals, patting dogs and cats because they deserve it, visiting community places and participating in community events, visiting other players world, marrying other players (woo) and just so much more content to keep who hooked for as long you wanna be. The art style is really chubby and well made and the OST is charming. So if you have not met your friends for a long time, then Stardew Valley is a really cool place to visit and vibe and time will just flow. A really cozy and comfy, small farming game.


Ok, the game just above was about spending time with your close one and hanging out with them, this one is about beating them to death. Mortal Kombat 11 features a roster of unlockable fighters, a campaign no one cares about and a lot of BRUTALITIES. The graphics are extremely good, the sound design is meh just there but the gameplay is very furious. If you ever wanna show your friend who is the boss, bring him here. The gameplay is amazing and the fatality animations are satisfying. This game does need basic skills at fighting games to be played. It features heavy flashing lights, so epilepsy warning, and has a huge amount of gore so make sure your friend is ok with that. Once it’s all done and you have found your opponent, it is a really badass fighting game.


Human Fall Flat is a physics-based puzzle game that consists of single-player, co-op, and online modes. In this game, you play as these wobbly humanoid figures to complete a course of puzzles and parkour parkour. The game consists of 16 single-player levels, 5 huge co-op maps for online and steam workshop support. The workshop enables the community to add a lot of new maps and mods and stuff to the game which are really fun to explore and mess around with a bunch of homies. Human Fall Flat also has a ton of character customization possibilities. Heck, you can use your webcam (if any) to make a custom skin. A really light-hearted jolly game to mess around in with friends


Overcooked 2 is a really lively couch co-op or just a simple online co-op gaming experience. The basic premise of the game is simple. Take a raw food item, chop it, cook it, mix it with other raw items and make desired food and serve it to customers, not making and serving food in provided time is a big no-no. Single-player of this game can get repetitive quickly but cooking with up to 3 more chefs (friends) is a really messy and amusing experience. The art style is cute and clumsy while the soundtrack is spot on for every situation. There is also a PvP mode to face off your friends in epic Gordan Ramsay style showdown. Recommended as a fun party game!


Personally the best arcade game I have played in 2020, Streets Of Rage 4 (SoR4) stays true to the roots and mixes it with modernization beautifully. The hand-drawn graphics look very breathtaking infused with the other graphical techniques used is just perfect. Soundtrack holds up the bar, not too bad not too good. All Gameplay design choices are understandable and respected in what they present and how it is. It brings back a classic nostalgia and playing with friends or family could bring back the good ol’ times. Highly recommended for the feeling of nostalgia.


Risk of Rain 2 is a solid rogue-like exploration game. What it does differently than other roguelikes is that it is not 2D nor a top-down camera perspective but rather a third-person camera angle. The atmosphere is an artistic achievement and the soundtrack is like melody which plays while exploring a procedurally generated strange planet. With friends who have knowledge about gaming, this game is an absolute blast. There is so much side content other than to primary tasks which are absolutely worth checking out. The gameplay will keep everyone hooked for as long as one of you eventually decided to give up. A really unique co-op game to play for hours.


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