The Dutch game studio Tense Games added a COOP PVE game mode to Stellar Warfare last Thursday.

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Stellar Warfare has been in released on August 4 2021 after three years of development. Since then the developer has implemented a lot of feedback from the community already and improved upon the game further.

One of the biggest requests of the community was a COOP PVE game mode. The developer listened to that and has added it on August 19, only 15 days after the initial release.

Overall the game was received very well and it currently has a ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam. While most of the players seem to love the game there have also been some suggestions for improvements. The developer has created Discord channels and specific threads on the Steam Community discussion boards where players can submit suggestions, bug reports, and ideas for the game.

There have been 5 patches since then in which over 15 of the community-driven feedback has been addressed.


  • Cinematic camera, stunning visuals, epic soundtrack
  • A fully explorable and exploitable 3D environment allows for intricate Combat maneuvers
  • The player can unlock over 50 ships, 40 weapons and 30 modules to customize their fleet with
  • Loads of replay value
  • Cinematic fleet battles
  • Up to 10 different ship configurations
  • Base building
  • Resource gathering
  • Pretty flak fields!
  • Multi-player 1v1
  • Multi-player FFA
  • Multi-player Battle Royale
  • Single-player Skirmish
  • Single-player Wave Defense
  • Loot & customization

Stellar Warfare is both a love letter and a homage to classic RTS games. It brings several of its long-lost tropes and staples to the current day and age. The game will be available to the public via Steam on August 4, 2021.

Stellar Warfare features a wide variety of single and multiplayer game modes. These include a small single-player campaign, a single-player skirmish, and a single-player wave defense mode. There is also a multiplayer skirmish mode and a multiplayer battle royale type game mode. And of course recently a COOP wave defense game mode has also been added, which has already been covered by YouTubers SplatterCatGaming and DiplexHeated.

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