Independent developers Once A Bird are excited to share that their narrative adventure game, Outsider: After Life is available now on PC via Steam.

Find Outsider: After Life on Steam

Outsider: After Life is a thought-provoking adventure game that puts you in the (robotic) shoes of HUD-ini, a unique android who may be humanity’s last hope of survival. Journey with HUD-ini through an emotional story full of awe and wonder shot in one continuous camera.

This galactic and cosmic adventure is fuelled by mystery, logically challenging puzzles, beautiful set pieces, and a captivating soundtrack.

Game features

Story-Focused Puzzles – Every puzzle is embedded into the captivating sci-fi narrative of Outsider: After Life. From restoring HUD-ini to exploring a now barren Earth, solving each puzzle will progress the story.

The End of Humanity Never Looked so Good – From the adorable HUD-ini to the sweeping vistas of an alien planet, Outsider: After Life visuals pop with striking colors and beautiful hand-animated set-pieces.

It Just Makes Sense – Gone are the days of using a rubber chicken as a zip-line. Every puzzle you’ll come across on your galactic journey can be solved with some mind-bending but fair logic.

Interstellar Adventures Need a Soundtrack – A sci-fi adventure needs a ‘stellar’ soundtrack, and Outsider: After Life is no different. The dark and atmospheric tones sweep in to really drive home some key story beats.

Awards & Nominations

Outsider: After Life was released on mobile platforms in July 2020. The game has received notable awards and nominations, including:

  • Apple App Store – Game of the Day
  • Unfold Games Awards 2021 – Honorable Mention
  • Indie X 2019 – Best Portuguese Game winner
  • Game Connection Europe 2019 – Best PC Game, Best Casual Game, and Best Quality of Art nominee
  • DreamHack Summer 2019 – Best Arthouse Game
  • PlayStation Talents 2018 – Best Portuguese Game nominee
  • Eurogamer Summer Fest 2018 – Best Portuguese Game nominee

Outsider: After Life is available now on PC via Steam, priced at $9.99/8.19€/£7.19 with a 10% launch week price reduction. Accompanying the game release is the stand-alone release of the Outsider: After Life soundtrack.

About Once A Bird

Once a Bird is a studio behind games like Bennu, Attack of the 50ft Verbose Dinosaur, Fold, and Outsider. The team consists of Ricardo Moura, a programmer, Tiago Lourenço, an illustrator, and Jo Pereira, a musician. Once a Bird strives to create original experiences that evoke emotions not usually explored in video games, such as longing and nostalgia.

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