We are pleased to announce that our latest production – Succubus, has achieved the “Gold” status. This means that the game has been approved by the Steam platform and has passed through internal verification in the form of Steam review.

Succubus will be available on Steam and GOG.COM when it launches on October 5, 2021! 

At the moment we are making every effort to use the time remaining until the release as best as we can, and our entire team is working on polishing the game. Succubus in its basic version will be a censored game. However, to ensure that each player, regardless of their country of origin, will be able to enjoy the uncensored version on the day of release, a free DLC will be available that unlocks the adult-only content. In the event that the visibility and downloadability of the DLC are blocked in a given country, players will be able to download them for free, directly from our website.

We would also like to thank the Succubus fans for the support and feedback they shared with us many times during the game’s production process. The succubus was created just for you and we are glad that we can finally share the results of our work with you.

Succubus will be released on PC on October 5, 2021.

In the meantime, you can also play the game’s Prologue on Steam, which was very warmly received by fans. This version of the game allowed us to collect valuable feedback from over 400,000 users who shared their opinion about the game with us and filled out the questionnaires we have prepared. Based on those, we have implemented many fixes and suggested improvements to the full game to offer our fans the best possible product!


  • Intense and brutal action
  • 40 different weapons
  • 20 special powers
  • A system of weapons and armors that affect the player’s statistics
  • A hostile environment full of traps and enemies
  • Diversified opponents
  • Boss fights
  • World Map
  • Character Customization
  • Main Hub with customization option
  • Ranked Arenas with Online Leaderboards
  • A multi-story plot combining horror with action and survival
  • A rich and diverse world of Hell
  • Surreal visual setting and gore

About Madmind Studio

Madmind Studio is an indie game development studio created in 2016 by Tomasz Dutkiewicz. We are a team of game developers who have been working for more than ten years in the video gaming industry. The invaluable experience we have gained allows us to use our knowledge not only to translate it into high-quality titles but also to help and train new, passionate people who are just beginning their adventure with the gaming industry. We are determined to create the best possible, visually stunning games with a unique atmosphere.

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