Survival Quiz CITY, the platformer quiz battle royale from developer GYAAR Studios of BANDAI NAMCO and publisher Phoenixx, opens the city gates on Friday, March 4 on Steam for PC, with the final public beta introducing the Custom Quiz feature taking place Friday, Feb. 11 to Sunday, Feb. 13.

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Up to 30 contestants compete in the future’s most popular game show, by racing to quickly answer quiz questions before tackling a daunting obstacle course. The first competitors to get the right answer to choose a weapon and blast the losers who got the question wrong or were too slow to answer correctly. The losers find themselves unarmed and using their limited stamina to climb walls and sprint to the goal before time runs out, collecting coins along the way while dodging the winners who pelt the losers to earn coins for themselves.

The winners and the obstacle course survivors can spend their coins on upgrades to unlock new weapons, improve their stamina for running or climbing, or get some slick cosmetics. Those who don’t have enough coins can explore the intermission area’s obstacle course to collect more money to buy something before time runs out or save up for the next round.

Become the champion of Survival Quiz CITY in Survival mode by completing every obstacle course, with entrants eliminated after each round. Bounty Hunter mode allows all participants to stick around to the end, though only the winners and those who completed the course keep the coins they earn! The top money-earner throughout all the rounds takes home the win.

Compete against the world and discover thousands of questions appearing before each round, and quizzes granting special boosts mid-round. Test both brains and brawn against random contestants, or get together and create private matches with friends, with the ability to create custom quizzes in order to make things more fun.

Try out the game and custom quizzes in a free public beta available on Steam and taking place Friday, Feb. 11 through Sunday, Feb. 13. Upload custom quizzes and questions, and rack up some wins before the global launch on Friday, March 4.

“The community’s feedback to our previous betas dramatically shaped Survival Quiz CITY, and while we’re almost there, this custom quiz beta is the final step to full release,” said Yusuke Shigeta, Survival Quiz CITY Director, GYAAR Studios of BANDAI NAMCO Studios. “Get some friends together, come up with some great questions, and prepare for the full release in March!”

Survival Quiz CITY releases on Steam for Windows PC on Friday, March 4 for $19.99. The free custom quiz beta takes place Friday, Feb. 11 through Sunday, Feb. 13 on Steam.

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