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Swordship Brings Unique Dodge‘Em Up Action To PC & Consoles This September
By Other News Posted in News on April 13, 2022 0 Comments 3 min read
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Thunderful and the Digital Kingdom are pleased to announce that their anticipated dodge’em up, Swordship will be winging its way onto PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC this September. A new release window trailer for the thrilling action title offers players a look at Swordship’s innovative dodge-based gameplay hook.

Swordship asks the question: what would a shoot’em up look like if you removed the shooting?

The answer is an intense dodging game where placement is everything. As you speed through a post-apocalyptic flooded Earth pursued by hostile forces, you must weave your way between enemies and their attacks, tricking them into taking each other out with slick and skillful movement.

Swordship is set in a world where the consequences of global warming have forced the vast majority of humanity to take refuge in three gigantic underwater cities. Those who are expelled from the cities barely survive on the burned lands. Meanwhile, the megacities exchange millions of containers loaded with goods every day. You play as one of the small numbers of inhabitants prepared to steal those precious containers and deliver vital supplies to the banished.

Having an ultra-fast boat stripped of bulky and heavy weapons is an asset for a smuggler trying to get their stolen goods from one place to another as quickly as possible, but leaves you vulnerable to attack. That’s why only the most skilled pilots can survive. Using your movement speed, turning the attacks of enemies against them, and mastering the different weather conditions offered by procedurally generated levels is the only way to survive.

Players have the option of selecting from a number of different Swordship variants that each come with their own unique active power, offering the opportunity to experiment with a variety of approaches to overcoming the game’s challenging levels. Players can further tweak their playstyle by spending some of their stolen spoils on passive upgrades that can be accumulated throughout a run to boost their ship’s abilities and give them a better chance of making it through in one piece.

“We’ve been thrilled by the positive response we’ve had to Swordship since we first unveiled it last year,” said Game Designer Sandro Dall’Aglio. “People really seemed to have grasped the intriguing gameplay potentials our unique ‘dodge’em up’ hook offers right off the bat! I can’t wait for everyone to finally be able to play the game when it launches on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC this September.”

About Thunderful

Thunderful Group is a group of companies that develops, publishes, and invests in games as well as distributes Nintendo products, games, game accessories, and toys. Founded in 2017 Thunderful Games is one of the two business segments in Thunderful Group, the other being Thunderful Distribution. Over the last few years, Thunderful Games has, organically and via acquisitions, grown into a global organization with eight development studios and over 300 employees. Besides the award-winning internal development pipeline, Thunderful Games also publishes a large number of third-party titles and invests in external game projects.

About Digital Kingdom

Digital Kingdom (DK) is a media company that specialises in the development of video games and interactive experiences. It is developing around two axes: Digital Kingdom Products and Interactive Applications.

DK Products are applications developed in-house and mainly within the framework of video games. This allows the company to hone its creative skills and increase its technical, marketing, and user experience.

DK Interactive Applications undertake commissioned work. The company designs and develops interactive application projects for the media, education, industry, and culture. They use all the modern means at their disposal and put their experience and know-how at the service of their clients.


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