Alberetor welcomes you with open arms, and extended claws. The time has finally come to explore ravaged and darkened lands.  Alberetor – The Haunted Waste for the acclaimed dark fantasy RPG Symbaroum has released on, July 20.

The people of the Davokar region are again threatened by war and famine, and this is before an even deadlier aggressor appears, shaded by the tall trees at the edge of the forest… Be prepared, for the challenges in this adventure that will push you to the limits of your capabilities. 

Alberetor – The Haunted Waste is the fifth part of the epic Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns campaign. Each adventure can be played stand-alone or interlinked, depending on your choice, as they are all part of the same epic saga. 


  • The adventure The Haunted Waste, where the players visit the darkened realm south of the Titans for their most vital and perilous mission to date.
  • Maps and descriptions of Alberetor and Lyastra, including a dozen specific persons, locations, and events that the player characters may encounter.
  • Guidelines for traveling through the lost south, along with tables to create or randomly design single challenges as well as smaller adventure landscapes.
  • A chapter on the Ambrian civil war, that accounts for its developments and turning points and presents hooks for adventures in the battle-scarred land.
  • New tables with curiosities, mystical treasures, and artifacts
  • A customized list of mishaps, which can affect ill-prepared adventurers.
  • Support for creating your own adventures in the lost lands of the south and in a war-torn Ambria.

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