Flow Fire Games announces the launch of SYNTHETIK 2 on Steam Early Access this November 11 with a classic style intro cinematic that harkens back to games of yore. It’s got atmosphere, action, and a suitably grandiose voice-over: check it out now!

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A sequel to the critically acclaimed SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising, SYNTHETIK 2 adds a new tech framework in full 3D, next-level modding, and much more! The Early Access release will also include enhanced features, expanded gameplay, and the three new Factions: S.A.T Police Forces, Chrono Squad, and the Shock Troops.

Welcome to a different 1985

The newly released cinematic sets the stage for SYNTHETIK 2. Mankind’s utopia has been torn apart by the rise of the Machine Gods, determined to strike back. The faltering human resistance movement has one last hope – a forgotten android prototype tucked away in a secret lab…


SYNTHETIK 2 is an unforgiving tactical Shooter Rogue-lite where you must experiment and adapt to defeat the Machine Legion. Experience the next level in gunplay thanks to an all-new Tech Framework and Universe Ruleset which adds a new world of possibilities.

Fight the Machine Legion with all new Classes and Specializations. The new threat of powerful Factions brings their own Technologies and lethal Arsenals.

On top of all this, expect expanded powerful integrated Modding SupportCo-op for up to 4 Players, a new Universe HubOverhauled Graphics, and much more!

Early Access

Flow Fire Games have proved they know how to use community feedback, going all the way back to the alpha release of the original SYNTHETIK and the many updates since release. Steam Early Access is the ideal format for their community-focused style of development, and players can already express their interest in what they want to hear about next on the SYNTHETIK Universe hub as it comes to life.

The initial Early Access price will be €19.99/ $19.99. This is expected to increase gradually as new updates expand the experience leading up to the full release.

Key Features:

  • The SYNTHETIK Technology Ruleset V2 brings gameplay to new heights, while a brand new tech framework opens up tons of new possibilities, further refining the uniquely deep weapon handling mechanics
  • Re-engineered in full 3D from the ground up to add an extra dimension to your unforgiving quest to take down the Machine Gods
  • Near-infinite replay value thanks to a fresh new progression system combined with new unpredictable environments with random elements, and endless options on how to arm and upgrade yourself
  • Create unique builds with multiple new upgrade systems, offering deep customization between runs to those who want it. Tinker to your heart’s content!
  • Introducing the SYNTHETIK Universe, expanding on the Machine Gods, Technologies, Doctrines and Generals of the various Machine Factions. It also includes dev diaries and serves as the new community hub!
  • Up to 4 player online co-op with full dedicated servers and more focus on tactical coordination and teamplay
  • Powerful modding capabilities thanks to new ‘UniversEdit’. The in-game editor gives players the freedom to create their own Classes, Weapons, Items and more.

About the Developers

Flow Fire Games grew from a two-man studio in Berlin to a twenty-developer team.  Their philosophy is to create games focusing on depth, replay value, and great tactile feeling. The studio’s first release – SYNTHETIK – has already gathered a dedicated fan base with raw, honest gameplay inspired by classic shooters where your skill is what matters most. It was followed up by the release of SYNTHETIK: Arena, a F2P standalone expansion that introduced a new audience to the joys of gunplay. The Ultimate Edition expansion for SYNTHETIK was released on December 16, 2020, together with console releases on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The next game SYNTHETIK 2 has been announced for a November 11 release on Steam Early Access!

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