Oaken, a tactical roguelike card battler set in a mystical place from developer Laki Studios and publisher Goblinz Publishing, restores magic on PC Early Access via Steam and GOG on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, as seen today at The MIX Showcase.

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Behold the magical land of the Oaken, an otherworldly kingdom where spirits live among the Great Oak’s branches. Where wisps, seedlings, and wanderers all move to the sound of the Great Oak’s voice, guided towards a peaceful existence by its assuring presence. Until one day, when the voice suddenly goes silent and a series of cursed events threatens to destroy the realm.

Choose a path and embark on a courageous adventure to save the Great Oak. Pick one of the guides, mighty spirits with distinct abilities to aid the hero in battle. Aya and her spiky seeds inflict damage at the end of every turn, but Enju’s miracle cure strengthens allies each time they heal. A randomly generated world map ensures no run is the same, with myriad levels, bosses, and events to discover.

Take heed of the hexagonal battlegrounds, providing freedom to move, rotate, and smartly plan attacks. Face wild spirits, corrupted by a mysterious eclipse and cut off from the Oak’s song. Strategically place seedlings on eclipsed land or cultivate it to cleanse the dusker away. Cast powerful spells to impale enemies within the hero’s line of sight or replenish the friendly units’ health. Employ wardens, trailers, and stalker units to face enemies and protect the hero’s health at all costs.

With each advance, select a new branch and push forward. While winning battles unlock new cards, encounters provide heroes with wisps and randomized events prompt them to make a decision to win different rewards, such as Lumi globes to upgrade units and spells. Unwanted or repeated cards can be destroyed to create Lumi Dust and improve unit stats, allowing for increased performance on the battlefield.

A beautiful, whimsical world inspired by Celtic mythology, Oaken is a bright, fable-like title filled with engaging battles to the sound of a folkloric-inspired soundtrack.

“We are extremely excited to help bring Oaken to peoples’ computers, as it captures a lot of what Goblinz represents,” said Johann Verbroucht, founder and manager at Goblinz Publishing. “It has magic, tactical battles, deck management, tons of strategy, and it is a lot of fun. We hope players of all ages can enjoy this adventure as much as we do!”

Oaken lands on PC Early Access via Steam and GOG on Tuesday, May 3, 2022. It supports English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Spanish (Europe and Latin America), Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Polish languages.

About Laki Studios

As a small Polish indie team, Laki Studios aims to produce artistic and creative gaming experiences that inspire the same feel, fun, and challenge as their favorite board games.

About Goblinz Publishing

Based in France, Goblinz started as a small indie studio developing tactical, management, and RPG titles. Now, the studio has branched into producing and publishing, helping developers from around the world to bring their creations to life. Former titles include Banners of Ruin, Legend of Keepers, As Far As The Eye, Iris and the Giant, and more.

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