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Indie Corner Episode 22: Sailing the Indy Seas

Today I cover ambitious Early Access RPG Isles of Etherion, sequel to Salt in Salt 2, and Stardew Valley-esque game Potion Permit!

This episode took a little longer to write than I expected. It’s been a busy month here, with plenty of things to keep me occupied. I’ve already started planning December’s GOTY event, and I’ll talk about that when I’m ready. In the meantime, I also returned to Twitch streaming for the first time since May. […]

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Indie Corner Episode 17: Catching Up

Today, I cover an excellent hidden gem in Devil Spire as well as the sequel to Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. Read more for my impressions on both!

The summer has been a bit thin for big releases, hasn’t it? That doesn’t mean no good games are coming out, of course! As I write this, we’re halfway through August. It’ll probably be later when this article finally goes live, but we’ve seen some pretty solid releases already. Two Point Campus, an excellent sequel […]

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How to be a Pokemon Master: Ranking Every Mainline Pokemon Game! Part 1

It took two years, but I finally ended up with Covid. It has taken me a while to push through it. I spent a lot of my time curled up in bed with Lemsip, painkillers, and stuff to pass the time, and a lot of that was Pokemon. I recently finished Ultra Sun for my […]

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Games I've been Playing so far in 2022!

It’s me again! February has been somewhat a drizzly and windy month here in the U.K, so I’ve been spending a lot of time inside with books and my games. It’s already been a big couple of weeks with some large AAA launches, with more to come. 2022 is shaping up to be a big […]

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On A Quest To Slay The Dragon in Voice Of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars – A Review

“Now then, your departure draws nigh. May your journey be a safe one…”

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SpeakableCassie's Ominous October Spookathon: Part 2

Welcome to the Double Feature Sickture Show!

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SpeakableCassie's Ominous October Spookathon: Part 1

Thus begins a new age of video game horror!

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Take On The Ridden in Back 4 Blood – First Impressions

“Not gonna rest until I’ve put down every last Ridden.”

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The Long Gate – Beautiful Puzzles or Brain Overload?

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.” – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

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What Keeps Me Delivering? An Examination of Death Stranding's Longevity

“Sam, if we don’t all come together again humanity will not survive.”

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