Tesura Games, a Spanish publisher of physical videogames, has reached an agreement with Chibig Studio to put the Chibig universe in the hands of its players.

This union begins with the physical edition of Summer in Mara, an adventure of farms and exploration in an open ocean. Players will thus be able to experience Koa’s adventure, set to set sail in Q4 2021, with a European exclusive edition for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4. More details on the physical edition of Summer in Mara coming soon.


The relationship between Tesura Games and Chibig Studio will not end here, as they will continue to help expand this universe with new physical editions of Chibig’s games. More news coming soon.

About Chibig Studio

Chibig’s mission is to tell stories by combining the adventure and farming game genres in fantastical settings full of wonder. In 2018, Chibig kickstarted its universe with Deiland for PS4 and PC. This universe was expanded with Summer in Mara, which was released in 2020, and Deiland: Pocket Planet for Switch in 2021.

Sobre Tesura Games

Tesura Games is a Spanish Indie video games Publisher and Distributor whose aim is to bring nice and cool independent games to market.

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