Delicate disguises only cover up the unspoken evil intention, with danger hidden in this Halloween town. With Halloween approaching, Identity V, NetEase Games’ first 1V4 asymmetric competitive mobile game will launch a Halloween Costume Ball from October 21 to October 31 in a limited time. Mysterious snowfields, swaying bonfires, fantastic magical circle, and bizarre events… all are at the grand gala party.

Meet You at the Ball in the Snow town.

On a snowstorm blocked plateau, a grand Halloween festival was held. People dressed in fancy costumes gathered together to drink and dance in front of the warm bonfire. However, what their masks cover is in fact a cruel sneer. As the party proceeds, a devastating disaster is approaching.

During the Halloween event, players will go to Snow Field to attend the costume ball. When players make different choices, they will be guided to different plots. At the grand party, can you uncover the truth?

Win Your Rich Bonus at the Grand Party

The Costume Party will be held for a limited time from October 21 to October 31 with lots of surprises and rewards awaiting.

Players can win Portrait- Hallows’ Eve of Sacrifice by logging in the game during the event; Participating in the whole event can help you win [Portrait] Midnight Phoenix or [Portrait] Peerless. Players joining the battle can claim Fruits of Samhain to exchange for awards such as A Costume of Dancer – “The Moonblessed”, B costume of The Feaster – Grand Oracle, Survivor – Servant of Samhain, and more special gestures.

“The Moonblessed” dressed in the moonlight, elegant and beautiful. Under the beauty and dedicated mask, her eyes sparkle like gems in the bonfire light. She wears her beautiful dress to the grand gala, but the Pentacle on her arms seems to bring a bad message to the party. Grand Oracle was dressed in a gold-and-white robe, holding a code in his hand with a hood covering his face. But what does his hand tell us: What he brings is a word of light or a just dark message? In the bonus Servant of Samhain, twisted tricks between beautiful flowers and leaves, what does it imply?

At the same time, the S costume package of the Embalmer will be on the shelf for a limited time on October 28th, including the S Costume of Embalmer-Phoenix and the A accessory of the Embalmer – Midnight Messenger. Phoenix is the legendary undead bird with blue and green leathers, complex and gorgeous gold ornaments, which tell us the ancient beliefs. The crystal ball in the hands once leaped over the midnight and the boundary of life and death. Will he bring darkness or bright light to the Halloween party? Let’s wait and see.

Besides, on Oct 21st, players will also be welcoming S Costume of Jake- Count’s Banquet, A accessory of Jake- Banquet Cup, A Costume of Seer- Experienced Huntsman, B Costume of Mad-Eye- Castle Butler, Bloody Queen’s accessory- The umbrella. For those who missed out last time, seize this time, please!

In the mysterious snow town, a grand costume party waits for you to come over. NetEase Games’ first 1V4 Asymmetric Battle Arena mobile game Identity V Halloween time-limited event is about to begin. Log in to explore the truth and win a generous reward now!

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