Publisher Ravenage Games and developer Vixa Games are excited to announce that their hyper-violent, action-packed game, The Crackpet Show, will enter Steam Early Access on December 16, 2021.

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Inspired by classic gore-filled cartoons like Happy Tree FriendsThe Crackpet Show puts players in control of mutated animals competing for fame and fortune — and their lives — on the most violent television show in broadcast history. These furry freaks have access to dozens of randomly dropped weapons and stackable perks that ramp up their destructive capabilities and help them rise to bloody stardom. The prize for doing so? Adoration from their fans in the form of likes, which, unlike real life, are actually useful! Spend likes to upgrade weapons, perks, and items to be more dangerous in all future runs.

The Crackpet Show features a four-player co-op, allowing friends to work together to get famous. Likes, dropped weapons, and special items are all shared between the group, and everyone selects their perks from the same pool. Players can rationally discuss who gets what, or someone could hog the spotlight and steal all of the best weapons and items for themselves. But if more than one player selects the same perk, they must fight for it in a fast-paced minigame. Like any reality TV show, conflict can only make it more entertaining! There’s fun to be had with any playstyle, and the randomized episodes ensure that playing with friends will always be a fresh experience.

Key Features of The Crackpet Show Include:

  • Variety is the Spice of Life: Ricocheting bullets. A gun that spews molten lava. Berserker rage. Dozens of weapons and perks mean endless destructive combinations! 
  • Randomized Rogue-lite Action: Tons of enemies, items, and randomized drops and level layouts that test your ability to wreak havoc and put on a show!
  • Violent Delights: It’s cute, colorful, and bloody — everything you love about gory, old-school cartoons! Rabbits and railguns are quite the pair, aren’t they?
  • Play Together, Kill Together: The whole game is playable in co-op (shared screen, Steam Remote Play Together) with up to four players. Crushing gigantic bosses can only bring you and your friends closer together, right?

The Crackpet Show will launch into Steam Early Access on December 16, 2021, with console releases happening in 2022 alongside the game’s full launch.

About Ravenage Games

Ravenage Games was founded by a team united by one trait: substantial developer relations experience. We understand that in this industry, decisions must be clear and lightning-fast to build trusting relationships with game creators and deliver quality products.

About Vixa Games

Vixa Games was founded in 2016 by a group of passionate indie developers in Gdańsk, Poland. The team strives for a unique and eye-catching art style and uncommon mixes of genres and themes, so our games are usually a bit twisted. Despite the elements of silliness, quality, and our studio’s motto are strongly reflected in all of Vixa Games’ products: “Life is too short to play boring games.”

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