Based in four different French regions, VR pioneer studios WannadevStudio, Incarna Studios, Iconik, and Innerspace have combined their talents to showcase the know-how and quality of French VR games, via a bundle on Steam: the French Touch VR Bundle, available today for a period of 4 months, offering a 20% discount on all four games.

The French Touch VR Bundle

Rhythm, adventure, puzzle or arcade game: 4 VR experiences to discover urgently

Ragnarock is a single/multiplayer VR rhythm game, developed by WanadevStudio, in which players take on the role of Viking captains who compete in a frantic longship race. Equipped with their hammers, they must beat the runes in rhythm in tune with music ranging from Celtic rock to power metal, in order to move their ship forward.

Voted Best VR Game at the ETR Awards 2021, INCARNA R•AI•D is a single-player action, adventure, and puzzle game. The players’ mission: find and destroy the mysterious anomalies affecting SENS, the AI ​​that oversees Incarna’s entire interdimensional network.

King Pong, from Iconik studio, is a single/multiplayer VR arcade ping pong game where it is impossible to miss the table. In a Tron-like 80s atmosphere, players challenge each other during frantic matches to remain the “King”. By mastering certain devastating blows, they will be able to trigger ultimates to win the set.

 At the heart of a mysterious and unique universe called the “Kingdom of Masks”, Maskmaker, from the Innerspace studio, allows the player to embody an apprentice mask-maker. From mask to mask and from puzzle to puzzle, the adventure leads him in search of Prospero, the mysterious King whose real identity remains secret.

France has amazing talents

Because the French VR ecosystem is dynamic and aims for a common goal, the 4 studios decided to come together and bring 4 of their creations in the brand new French Touch VR Bundle. Tibor Baratin, CEO of Incarna Studios, explains: “We are very happy to partner with studios sharing the same passion for VR in order to offer a Bundle showing the variety, creativity, and the quality of the French VR independent landscape productions. Benjamin Masnières, CEO of Iconik, adds: “We are delighted, through this bundle, to collaborate with other French VR studios to promote the VR French Touch”.

Today, France is recognized as a major player in the development of video games, which includes virtual reality productions. Balthazar Auxietre, Creative Director of Innerspace VR, confirms that “immersive is not just a buzzword for us, it is a duty and a passion. With virtual reality, we strive to create not only the most entertaining experiences but also the most accomplished and memorable ones.”

This Bundle is a testimony to the genuine proximity and collaboration among the various studios in France, as Nola Speck, Production Director at WanadevStudio, points out: “We are proud to participate in growing the French ecosystem by gathering these products through our partnership. We believe that our proximity and open mind mentality will allow players to discover new creations and experiences.” The French Touch VR Bundle is also yet another excuse for bringing together 4 beautiful creations to offer to as many players as possible interested in discovering new VR experiences.

The French Touch VR Bundle is available today on Steam.

About WanadevStudio

WanadevStudio is an independent French VR studio based in Lyon and made up of gaming enthusiasts involved in the development of immersive and fun VR games. Wanadev’s entire structure was created more than ten years ago as a web agency, focused on solving digital and technical challenges. Our passion for new technologies has made us VR pioneers and thanks to this passion combined with our love of video games, we have continued our activities by developing multiple games dedicated to VR arcades, mainly in France and Europe, and more recently virtual reality games for the mainstream VR market.

About Incarna Studios

Created in 2016, Incarna Studios is above all a team of enthusiasts, bringing together artists, game designers, developers, and screenwriters, all nourished by various influences to infuse our games with a unique essence. Incarna Studios’ mission: is to transport players to original universes, and offer them an extraordinary journey through high-quality experiences that exploit the full potential of Virtual Reality. The studio creates experiences for LBVR centers, for gamers at home, and for anyone who has an idea they want to bring to life.

About Iconik

Iconik is an independent French studio producing VR and AR video games. Based in La Ciotat, our team develops immersive and sensory experiences, with a particular focus on virtual reality. Our experiences, resolutely immersive, give reality to stories and original creations. Our chimera? Develop immersive experiences combining reality and virtuality, art and technology, storytelling, and gameplay. In order to push the limits of immersion, Iconik experiences combine virtual reality and/or augmented reality with technology and wearable gameplay.

About Innerspace

Founded in 2014, the studio has worked since its origins to explore the fragile balance between narration and interactivity, tackling very different genres: artistic installations, experiments, 360° fiction, until more recently video games, with equal critical and public recognition. We develop projects with a strong narrative dimension, going beyond the simple notion of “entertainment” often linked to VR experiences, without however forgetting the sensitive and playful aspects to be offered to the public. We also seek to question users about the meaning given to the exploration of work through interaction. Finally, with each new experience, our ambition is to push the limits of a constantly evolving technology.

About the Games included in the French Touch Bundle

  • Ragnarock, by WanadevStudio : scored 95/100 on Steam, 87 metacritics, Best Multiplayer VR game ETR Award, VR Awards 2021 finalist, 3rd runner-up at the 2021 AG Awards for the VR category. 
  • MaskMaker, by Innerspace : scored 94/100 on Steam, 2021 VR Awards finalist, 2021 TIGA Games Industry finalist.
  • King Pong, by Iconik : Best art direction ETR Award for French developed game.
  • Incarna RAID, by Incarna : 2021 ETR Award winner for best VR game, 2021 Laval Virtual Awards finalist.
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