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The Fridge is Red Terrifies PC in Q4 2022
By Other News Posted in News on June 13, 2022 0 Comments 3 min read
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The Fridge is Red, the first-person horror anthology series with PS1-inspired visuals from developer 5WORD Team and publisher tinyBuild, haunts Steam later this year as revealed today during the Guerrilla Collective Digital Showcase. Download the demo of this macabre experience right now ahead of Steam Next Fest, featuring the first pieces of the anthology.

Frank cannot pry his eyes away from the red fridge in his basement as it emanates strange voices and ominous sounds. Frank wants to find his missing daughter; Laurie’s notes on the floor suggest that this demonic appliance somehow did something to her. Frank searches for answers to access the unopenable icebox, but he cannot look away, for every time he does, the red fridge moves in closer, emitting malice with every shake and scratch.

Frank’s tale represents just one of multiple terror-filled experiences populating The Fridge is Red. Unravel the mystery of the red refrigerator and the mental anguish of those who cross its path across a variety of stories including haunted hospital halls, a creepy church graveyard, snowy highways, and other locations. Uncover horrifying revelations while contending with unspeakable dread tormenting those seeking the truth.

The Fridge is Red combines the aesthetics of the PlayStation 1 era’s horror games, combining early 3D with modern effects to replicate the memories those classics conjured. Drab and rusted colorways set a malevolent tone for different environments, all explored from a first-person perspective, set to haunting background music and dismal sounds to create an unnerving environment.

5WORD Team, creators of Death Crown, startled the world with their Epic MegaJam entry DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE RED FRIDGE, which earned attention for its introduction to a haunting universe inspired by PS1 horror classics. Now the team partners with acclaimed publisher tinyBuild to bring the full anthology to life under a shortened title: The Fridge is Red.

“We’ve explored countless ideas when participated in game jams and prototyping concepts in our own free time, however, we never saw any developer receive as an enthusiastic response to a demo as we did with DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE RED FRIDGE,” said Artem Kudriashov, lead designer, 5WORD Team. “ After witnessing the terrified reactions and demand for a full game from gamers as well as streamers, we began considering giving the people what they called for, but when tinyBuild said they would help us realize our vision, we knew we had to bring the world The Fridge is Red.”

The Fridge is Red releases for Steam for PC later this year and will support English, French, German, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Korean, and Simplified Chinese language text.

About 5WORD

5WORD is a Russian-based indie studio co-founded by Artem Kudriashov and Stas Pisarev, to develop original indie games for PC. The studio received high praise and accolades for its first title Death Crown, a 1bit real-time strategy game. The studio received acclaim and attention for its 2020 Epic MegaJam entry, DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE RED FRIDGE, set to become a full retail game, The Fridge is Red, published by tinyBuild in 2022.

About tinyBuild

tinyBuild is a Seattle-based indie label behind the Hello Neighbor franchise and over 30 renowned titles, including Graveyard KeeperSpeedRunners, and Party Hard. With additional development offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Riga, Latvia, tinyBuild is rapidly building a portfolio of fun, high-quality games across multiple platforms.


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