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The Life and Times of Tybalt Greenlocke: Banished
By theeyetyrant Posted in (DND) Dungeons & Dragons, Entertainment on July 23, 2021 0 Comments 3 min read
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Journal Entry 3, 1322 AGW, 12 Days after my 700th birthday.

So, there I was, somehow standing over the body of the bear I killed. I was covered in blood, and I couldn’t find my new sword. I could hear, presumably, my hunters some distance outside the cave. But this part of my story is boring and unimportant, so I am going to move ahead.I entered the house, and my mother audibly gasped while my sister suddenly began crying.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen while I was gone? Where’s father?” I asked.

“You need to leave before he gets back,” Mother said. “Go to the outskirts of town, to the Elder Tree. I will meet you there in one hour. Go and don’t talk to anyone on your way.”

I didn’t understand, but I also followed her directions. I ran as fast as I could to the tree and waited. While I waited, my conversation with Grey came to my mind.

“Your task for my master is a simple one, but a long one,” Grey said, simply. “In three years, you need to find yourself in the town square of the human capital, Alameer. Once you are there, I will inform you of your task. Until then, you need to train. Use the sword, and the stronger you get and more attuned with the sword, my master will grant you even more abilities. Simple, yes?”

“The human capital? I’ve only met a handful of humans, and the capital is thousands of miles away!” I exclaimed.

“Two thousand four hundred and seventy-two miles from the center of your town to the center of theirs. By foot alone, you should be able to make it in less than six months. Gives you some time to train and maybe acquire an ally or two before it’s time to complete your task. Take some jobs, earn some gold, you know, all the things you need to be successful in the adventuring business,” He smirked at me. “Besides, it’s not like you have much choice at this point.”

“Son,” my mother’s voice snapped me back to reality.

I stood up. “Mother, what’s wrong?” I began walking towards her.

“Stop. You’ve come close enough,” mother said. “You’re carrying with you a strange aura, child. It’s not a curse because I can fix that. It feels more a possession, like you have something dark deep inside you, fighting for control over you. It’s subtle. The only reason any of us know is that we are naturally attuned to the arcane. The only other race that may feel this are the gnomes. You have to leave until this presence is gone.”

“I can’t. Not until I return the favor for him saving my life. I owe a debt that I must repay,” I explained, turning away from my mother.

I heard a clunk behind me and glanced back to see a backpack on the ground.

“As long as you owe that debt, you are not welcome here. There are enough rations in the bag to last you a week. Head to the trading post at Silvervale. You should be able to find a caravan heading somewhere to go with them,” mother said, point-blank.

“Mother…,” I turned to talk to her, but she was gone. I grabbed the backpack, tears forming in my eyes.

I regret not being able to say more to my mother, but she did what was necessary. I never got the chance to speak to her again.


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