Try the first levels on Steam today, also coming to Nintendo Switch soon!  

Mountain Giant Ltd (Edinburgh, UK) – Zordix Publishing and Polish developer Rock Square Thunder are excited to release a free demo of their charming puzzle platformer, The Lightbringer on Steam, along with a new trailer!

The demo will be available until after full release, and you can download it here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1561660/The_Lightbringer/

The full game, written and voiced in verse throughout, will release later this year for Nintendo Switch and PC on Steam! 

Check out the new trailer: 

  • An Old-school adventure with a fun mix of platforming and light combat
  • A Heartfelt sibling story fully voiced and in verse throughout
  • Explore detailed, bite-sized levels full of challenges and collectibles
  • Solve creative puzzles in semi-isometric environments with your trusty boomerang

The Lightbringer will be available for Nintendo Switch and PC on Steam later this year!

About Rock Square Thunder

The origin of RST goes back to 2014 when the founders met at Bloober Team, where they worked together on multiple projects, such as Layers Of Fear, The Observer, Blair Witch, and The Medium. After work, they enjoyed hanging out together, playing video games, partying, and coming up with game ideas.

The prototype of The Lightbringer started in 2015 as a solo project of Łukasz Kudziela, a 3d artist by day. He enlisted level design help from Artur Wiecheć, his friend and a teammate in the day job. And so began the many lives of The Lightbringer.

In 2019, Łukasz and Artur were joined by their friend, Janusz Tarczykowski, experienced in both programming and business development.

The trio decided to form a team and pitch their game to the publishers, which resulted in finding a perfect match in Zordix Publishing. Production commenced in 2020. In 2021 the team has grown to 9 members.

About Zordix Publishing

 Zordix Publishing is the publishing branch of the Zordix Group. Founded in 2019, ZP has been bringing games to PC and consoles since 2020. Using twelve years of game development experience, Zordix Publishing helps both in-house and independent studios bring their games to the global market.

As a publisher, Zordix offers a full range of services; including financing, product development, market positioning & go-to-market strategies, PR, business development, QA, localization, porting, sales management, influencer outreach, social media strategy and marketing, digital distribution, community management, and after-sales support.

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