According to Yahoo! Entertainment, The Outsider has been cancelled with HBO, but the series’ production company is working to sell it to another network or streaming service.

The series was written in a world created by Stephen King and has a solid following of King fans with multiple 2020 Emmy nominations. That being said, the news of this cancellation comes soon after Hulu’s announcement that they are cancelling King’s Castle Rock series after its second season.

What does this mean? Hopefully these two series will be picked up by Netflix.
From a personal view, I don’t care for enough original HBO series to pay for their service and my time subscribing to Hulu was just to watch Castle Rock. That’s not at all to say that Hulu or HBO has nothing to offer, but I’m a lover of suspense and a good deep, complex story and Netflix not only does that well but is known to collect series and give them an audience.

So if Netflix picks up these two shows…maybe we’ll find out that HBO and Hulu were really doing the series a favor.

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/outsider-cancelled-hbo-being-shopped-164047442.html

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