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By NooBieBoi Posted in Blog, Gaming, PC on May 15, 2021 0 Comments 5 min read
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You will be learning how to escape the dreaded ELO hell. So, what is ELO hell? It’s when you find yourselves stuck at a lower rank where matches are of poor quality and are often determined by the factors that are perceived to be outside of your control such as bad teammates.


The first big problem that happens to a lot of players when they play in low ELO but they consistently watch high-level players, they’re trying to learn from streamers and they are trying to play the game correctly, right?

You need to understand that there is a big difference between your game and their game. This doesn’t mean you should stop watching your favorite streamer or don’t learn anything from them, you should learn things like peeking, aiming, etc. from them (about which we gonna talk later). You shouldn’t copy your favorite streamer or Valorant player; their rank, gameplay, and playstyle is different from yours.


It’s that a lot of people want to know some fancy tips like a sova arrow bounce or killjoy swarm lineup to catch the enemy off-guard. 

Now I’m not saying that some of these complex things can’t give you percentage points that will add up to you eventually winning the game, but they are small percentage points. Very small difference makers over fundamentals that will always consistently carry you.

Focus on improving your game sense, gun mechanics, movement, etc. this will actually help you to climb your rank and escape the elo hell.


If you are playing only one character, again and again, there are fewer chances for you to improve. In VALORANT there are 4 types of agents

  1. Duelist
  2. Sentinel 
  3. Initiator 
  4. Controller 

Most of us love to play duelist because they have the ability to solo carry, but a thing you don’t understand is that without the rest of the 3 agents, you cant win a game. Exceptions are always there but most of the time you can’t win a game without them.

I would suggest you to at least learn any two of these agents.


You already have heard about crosshair placement a lot of time but you should know why literally everyone speaks about crosshair placement when asked how to improve.

The reason crosshair placement is so important because it will help you win a lot of aim duels simply because you are better prepared than your enemy. Always try to place your crosshair at head level so that you can pre aim spots and corners and simply just one tap your enemy.


You gotta work on your movement my friend even if you have a good crosshair placement but your movement is poor you can’t win any aim duel.

I have seen a lot of player complaining that they have good crosshair placement and a good aim but they keep losing the games and aim duels, the reason they keep losing is because their movement is poor, avoid running and gunning, use A D instead of holding W while shooting, you also need to learn some really important techniques like counter strafing, jiggle peeking, etc

Once you learn these techniques trust you will be a lot better


This is a key factor that most people ignore. Even if you have a god-like aim, you have god-like movement, but you don’t have a good mental state, you that you will struggle a lot to win that game. You wont be able to concentrate because of your bad mental state  You should always be calm and positive, be relaxed and just enjoy the game.

Avoid getting tilted. It is really bad for health (telling this from my personal experience). If you get tilted for some reason, try taking a 10-15 mins break or you can even take a long break. I once took a week long break because I was tilted so bad.


In low ELO, players don’t often warmup. They simply just jump into the match, lose it and give the reason “I can’t play today.” The reason you can’t play because you haven’t done any warmup, my friend.

All you need to do is play one or two deathmatches before starting a competitive match and trust me it will help you a lot. It will improve your basic as well as advanced fundamentals. Another tip is, don’t play deathmatch for the win. Try to focus on your aim, your peeking technique and other fundamentals. This will definitely help you a lot to improve and escape the ELO hell.


I have heard this way too often. “My teammates are holding me back from climbing.” But the truth is that, they are not the problem. The problem is you. Your main goal should be to improve and trust me, that will inevitably make you climb to your desired rank.

If you have a mindset that you lose the game because of your teammates, then you will not learn from your mistakes, resulting in you being hard stuck.

There is a study that says-

  1.  20% of your game is unwinnable
  2.  20% of your game is guaranteed victory
  3.  60% is your deciding factor

This is where your influence will determine to the outcome.

That’s all you need to do for escaping the ELO hell 

Thanks! for stopping by 🙂


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