The dark adventures of Thy Creatures started, on 19th February, for gamers on Steam in Early Access!

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With a Successful Kickstarter Project in April 2021, the dark horror story is now ready to launch a new thrilling adventure, based on the work of Mary Shelley’s opus, ‘Frankenstein: Or the Modern Prometheus’. Players can enjoy a compelling story through puzzle elements and a barrage game system, and test their dodging skills and resistance to seizures!

MazM has created a special kind of adventure in which the badly injured creatures manage to escape from humans and fulfill their most fervent wish by entering a tower that promises them all of these things. Players can dive into the scenic world through unique graphics that MazM is so well known for
For Switch players, the developer announced a Switch release this autumn.

Thy Creatures – Game Characteristics

THY CREATURES is a story game in which the severely wounded Nameless Creature」 was chased by the humans, and fled to a mysterious tower. In this tower, reality and memories are tangled, and the creature must fulfill its desire.

The Creature dares to climb the tower for its one single wish… The eerie tower where reality and memories are intertwined.

Help the creature escape the maze and the barricades, the byproducts of its memories, so it can climb the warped tower.

“Longing for the deepest desires”

  • Single Player Dark Fantasy Adventure Novel
  • A compelling story through puzzle elements and a barrage game system
  • Bullet Hell genre, test your dodging skills and your resistance to seizures!
  • Language support for English, Korean, Russian, Japanese & Simplified Chinese
  • Understand the world from the perspective of a living creature
  • Unlock and collect additional Storybook content
  • Dive into the scenic world through unique graphics that MazM is so well known for

“The path ahead”

  • Meet residents of the tower and get to know their story
  • Encounter bizarre events that are just the products of your distorted memories
  • Meet transcendental beings that occupy each floor
  • Reveal the truth that can only be exposed in the tower

“Embark on a journey to find the truth”

‘Thy Creature’ plans to continue updating the story starting with this ‘Early Access

About MazM:

Founded in Korea in 2013, MazM is a story game development studio that finds compelling stories and reinterprets them into games. It aims to deliver the joy of stories and forgotten precious values to users and to have a positive impact on the world.

MazM released mobile games Jekyll and Hyde, The Phantom of the Opera, and Pechika, and recorded more than 5 million cumulative downloads worldwide.

About NeoBricks:

NeoBricks GmbH is a Global Game Service Partner based in Germany. NeoBricks provides services such as community management, game operation, marketing, and public relations in the gaming industries of Asia, Europe, and America; bringing Asian games to the Western market.

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