The wolves are back! The Tannenberg Wolf Truce event brings an animal danger to the authentic WW1 shooter on PC!

Will players put aside their differences to face the wolves, or try to take advantage of the chaos? Find out until December 5…

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The wolves are on the prowl

Wolves are hunting human prey in the Wolf Truce event, which will run until December 5. During regular Maneuver battles, players must be prepared for the chance of a pack of wolves invading their battlefield and throwing the frontlines into chaos. When this happens, players will have the chance to call a temporary truce and work together to fight off the wolves… if they can restrain themselves from attacking each other – the enemy. The truce is not enforced by the game, and one careless shot or gung-ho soldier can break the fragile ceasefire. For those who have joined the war this year or via the Epic Games Store, it’ll be their first experience of the Wolf Truce!

Players who do manage to survive a wolf attack while maintaining the truce will get a special in-game medal! The event is inspired by historical texts which describe the dangers wolves could pose on the enormous Eastern Front. Russia had a substantial wolf population that was displaced by fighting, with consequences for soldiers and civilians alike.

Lead Designer Jos Hoebe said: “The Tannenberg Wolf Truce event shares a theme with the Christmas Truce event we run in Verdun: coming together despite a larger conflict. In a game about WW1, we felt it was important to remind players of the moments when groups from opposing sides chose to set aside their differences, even if only for a brief time.”

Wargaming a Truce

The Tannenberg Wolf Truce isn’t the only event we run that highlights ceasefires or truces – it follows our 2-minute in-game silence for Armistice Day on November 11 (now Remembrance Day and Veterans Day), and PC owners of Western Front game Verdun will soon be able to participate again in the Christmas Truce event.

The Christmas Truce of 1914 is one of the most well-known events of the war, and all kinds of stories and myths have grown up around it. No one can know for sure what really happened except the men who were present, but there’s a wealth of information available from historical documents and eyewitness accounts that can give us a good idea.

We wanted to recreate the Christmas truce in Verdun, along with the Wolf Truce in Tannenberg – because they’re interesting and they offer a novel gameplay experience that contrasts with regular gameplay.

Mike Hergaarden, the co-founder of the WW1 Game Series, wrote an article about the challenges of incorporating truces into a wargame.

Isonzo Beta Progress

The upcoming third game in the WW1 Game Series is progressing nicely! Alpha testers have been enjoying and providing valuable feedback on Isonzo’s alpine warfare, and then switching to beta testing might not be too long coming.

Isonzo will introduce players to high-altitude Alpine warfare in Northeast Italy. It builds on the rock-solid and authentic base of the WW1 Game Series, taking the intensity of Verdun and combining it with the scale of Tannenberg. It breaks new ground in the Alps with a complete feature overhaul – including the brand new historically driven Offensive game mode – to take the series to the next level and immerse players like never before!

Available to wishlist now on SteamPlayStation, and soon on Xbox.

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