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Toy Soldiers HD PC Patch Release
By Other News Posted in News on May 24, 2022 0 Comments 3 min read
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Toy Soldiers HD is the digital embodiment of our childhood imagination mixed with strategy and military action. WWI era toy soldiers and military vehicles locked in strategic combat filled with authentic sights and sounds. Currently, Toy Soldiers HD on Steam is 50% off, but for one week only, so act fast. 

Find Toy Soldiers: HD on Steam

Relive your childhood Toy Soldiers HD is a diorama of military action set in a child’s bedroom, a library, lounge, and more. At your command are toy army soldiers, tanks, biplanes, bombers, machine guns, mortars, and fixed upgradeable emplacements to defend your base from waves of increasingly challenging attacks. These ingredients make Toy Soldiers HD a lot of fun to play.

Like many strategy games, you carefully build your defenses and plot your offensive moves, but one of the things that makes Toy Soldiers HD unique is the ability to instantly pop in and out of the battlefield from both a third-person top-down strategic perspective and first-person POV shooter perspective in both single and multiplayer. Watch the battle play out as you build, upgrade, and repair your defenses or jump feet first into it and wage war against your opponent. Don’t worry, when you go full first-person POV, AI takes over your units.

Authentic sights and sounds of WWI create an immersive experience. Toy Soldiers HD will include never-before-played content, enhanced HD graphics (hence the name), and improved camera and sound. All previously released DLC will be included in the campaign flow.


Online Play

  • Fixed issues with matchmaking and online sign-in status so the player is recognized as online and able to play online matches.
  • Fixed random crash attempting to join Quick Match and Private Matchplay.
  • Fixed issues with leaderboard stats properly updating.
  • Fixed game desync issues.
  • Improved Tank and Airplane handling and control.

Random crashes

  • Fixed random crashes reported.

Save Data

  • Fixed issue with progress sometimes being lost after playing split-screen mode.

Tsar Tank Boss

  • Fixed issue where the level ends once the boss appears.

Double Turrets

  • Fixed issues where the player can sometimes place more than one turret on a placement location.

Level Completion – Back Button

  • Fixed issue with being able to exit to the main menu from the end of the level results screen. 

Expansion Level Progress

  • Fixed issue with campaign progression sometimes not being able to properly access new expansion levels added to the campaign.

Achievements and Golden Cubes

  • Fixed issue with all Achievements and Golden Cubes being achieved and collected.

PC Frame Rate

  • PC frame rate running at 60 fps for both campaign and multiplayer.

General Improvements (All Platforms)

  • Aiming/Bullet trajectories and targeting reticle behavior
  • Camera movement in-game movement and use
  • Turret user control improvement pass
  • Turret selecting/de-selecting
  • Turret tracking and movement
  • Adjustments made to improve in-game level ranking and scoring
  • Vehicle respawns are restored in most levels/places.
  • Improved post effects and lighting
  • UI Fixes/Polish
  • Redid level camera fly-ins
  • Polish pass on LEVEL SELECT MENU
  • Polish pass on Victory Screen
  • Polish pass on Surrender Screen
  • Polish pass on Stat Screen layout
  • Adjusted layouts and Increased font sizes in many places for readability

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