Indie development studio Sunlight Games will be releasing their casual strategy puzzle game Two Hundred Ways on Steam, September 3, 1 PM CEST.

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Two Hundred Ways is a sequel of the successful brain teaser One Hundred Ways which presented 100 puzzle challenges to players. “Two Hundred Ways” gives puzzle fans twice as many mental challenges to overcome.

In Two Hundred Ways, players must guide one or more balls to the exit. But levels with up to three different layers and numerous ball traps don’t make this task easy. Players can use tools to reach their goal – but using more tools means that their level score will go down.

Two Hundred Ways will be released as well soon for Xbox One Consoles, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch


  • 200 levels that will keep players busy for a long time
  • 40+ tools that make it easier to guide each ball – or more difficult…
  • Up to three balls per level
  • Up to three layers per level
  • Players can zoom in/out of levels and rotate them for better strategizing
  • Real-time 3D isometric view
  • Gradually increasing difficulty
  • Tutorial level for each tool
  • Two level themes, each with its own soundtrack
  • Game languages: English and German

About Sunlight Games

Cologne-based Sunlight Games was founded in 2008 and transformed into a GmbH in May 2013. Sunlight Games consists of a team of experienced game designers led by development veteran Marco Sowa-Israel.
Marco Sowa-Israel has worked on over 90 titles for PC, Mac, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Android, iOS, and Xbox One. Among these are classics such as “Survival” (PC), “Game Tycoon” (PC), “The Ship” (PC), “Ankh” (PC, Nintendo DS), “Criminal Intent” (PC), “Bibi Blocksberg Besenrennen” (Nintendo Wii), “Das magische Labyrinth” (Nintendo DS), two “Wickie” games (Nintendo DS), “Deluxe Track & Field” (Mobile), “Gold Rush! Anniversary” (PC, Mac, Linux, Mobile), “One Hundred Ways” (PC, Mac, Linux, Mobile), “Game Tycoon 2” (PC, Mac, Linux, Mobile) and “Gold Rush! 2” (PC, Mac, Linux, Mobile). From the game “One Hundred Ways”, there was be developed also a port to the Xbox One. In 2010, two games which were produced by Marco Sowa-Israel, won the GIGA-Maus, a respected German award that honors especially well-made games for children: “Bibi Blocksberg Besenrennen” and “Das magische Labyrinth”.
In our developments, we invest all of our skill, our know-how, and our creativity into each and every title they are working on. Input from the player community is equally important: ideas and suggestions of the fans of Sunlight Games’ titles find their way into new games on a regular basis.
Sunlight Games creates games for PC, Mac, consoles, and mobile.

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