15 of the best-unreleased games in the UK are set to go head to head in a live event hosted by Mr. Midas at Loading Bar in London.

The 15 finalists for Ukie’s UK Game of the Show, sponsored by Kwalee and Moore Kingston Smith, have been announced.

The games – each of which is unreleased games developed by UK studios – will be shown off in a live stream on Twitch hosted by Mr. Midas at Loading Bar on Tuesday 24th August as part of virtual gamescom.

The winner will then be picked on the night through a combination of a public vote on Twitch and judging on the evening from an expert judging panel.

The 15 participating games are:

  • Agatha Christie – Hercule by Blazing Griffin – a detective adventure game starring a young Hercule Poirot. (PC, Console)
  • Arcade Paradise by Nosebleed Interactive – a game all about running your own 90s arcade. (PC, Console)
  • Days Lost by WordPlay Games – a heartfelt puzzler set inside a diary of a young woman (PC)
  • Good Boy Society by Efren Games – a game all about the adventures and lives of the goodest dogs around (PC)
  • Growbot by Wabasabi Play – a 2D adventure about a robot saving her home from a dark crystalline force (PC)
  • I Am Fish by Bossa Studios – a charming, physics based adventure game featuring four intrepid fish friends (PC)
  • Moonglow Bay by Bunnyhug – a game about being a rookie angler who fishes with friends, family and neighbours to restore a remote town (Console)
  • Operation Outsmart by UnifiQ – a physics based sandbox RPG featuring robotic minions and cute koalas (PC)
  • Overmorrow by Pixel Manta – a serene, non-violent adventure that deletes your save game after 30 days (PC, Console)
  • Rhythm Towers by innoloop – a new and unique rhythm action tower defence game (PC, Console)
  • Terratorial by Arrogant Pixel – a unique, theft based real time strategy game (PC, Console)
  • This Means Warp by Outlier Games – an intense 1-4 player spaceship management roguelite game set in a procedurally generated universe. (PC)
  • Viewfinder by Robot Turtle – a first-person puzzle adventure game where you can bring pictures to life and reshape the world using an instant camera. (PC)
  • Wholesome: Out and About by Yaldi Games – a gentle life sim inspired by themes of environmental sustainability and living in harmony with nature (PC)
  • Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventure by Stardust Collective – a fully immersive cockpit VR game set in a stunning universe. (PC)

The winner will also take place in the Euro Play live final on Thursday 26th August, facing off against the best-unreleased games from across Europe and Australia in a live extravaganza. 

“Now that the finalists have been announced we are extremely excited to be meeting all of the developers across both events” highlighted Ben Ellis, Kwalee’s Publishing Scouting Team Manager 

“We’re very pleased to be headline sponsors and to be involved in what’s set to be a fantastic showcase of some great titles”

About Ukie (The Association of UK Interactive Entertainment)

Ukie is a not-for-profit trade body that represents the UK games and interactive entertainment industry. Its mission is to make the UK the best place to make, sell and play games in the world. 

It represents over 500 businesses working across the UK, including game developers, publishers, platforms, and service providers. It supports companies through business support programs, political engagement, speaking with the media on behalf of the sector, and running education initiatives to boost the industry talent pipeline.

About Kwalee

Kwalee is an industry-leading multi-platform publisher made up of over 170 employees with offices all over the globe. Publishing on PC, Console, and mobile, Kwalee has achieved over 650,000,000 downloads across App stores in the hypercasual market with hit mobile games such as Draw It, Let’s be Cops 3D, Rocket Sky!, and more. More recently, Kwalee has also expanded into PC & Console publishing with a veteran team experienced in Premium Indie (III) and AAA chart-topping hits.

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