Pop quiz: When you wake up on a stormy New York City rooftop with no memory of the past year and learn that you’ve been on a murderous rampage as a result of demon possession, do you:

A) Turn yourself in to the police
B) Jump to your death
C) Join the good guys

Aww, come on… do we really need to spell it out? 🙂

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You were possessed by a demon… It made you do things… Nintendo Switch™ owners will find themselves in exactly this situation in Wadjet Eye Games’ urban fantasy adventure Unavowed, available today on the Nintendo eShop. Now you need to make up for your year of bad behavior — but that’s no easy task. The darkness is growing and the threat to the “mundane” world has never been greater. Good thing you have a team of supernatural crime-fighters on your side! Normally priced at $14.99 (or equivalent in local currency), the Nintendo Switch version of Unavowed is on sale for 10% off through July 14.

Unavowed was highly acclaimed when it launched on PC and Mac — winner of Adventure Gamers’ 2018 Game of the Year award, nominated for the IGF’s Excellence in Narrative award, and ranked #11 on Metacritic’s PC Games of the Year list with an 87% review score average. The Nintendo Switch version is Wadjet Eye’s first ever console release.

With a dark storyline that subtly reflects your choices, puzzle solutions that change based on your party’s skills, and multiple origin stories and endings, Unavowed is a gripping, replayable adventure that’s equally enjoyable from your couch in console mode or on the go in handheld mode. (Or maybe on the couch in handheld mode? We won’t judge!)

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