Remember the early days of modern VR when the consumer Vive and Oculus Rift headsets were first released? One VR game has been in development all the while since then. Now, five years later, Rune Skovbo Johansen is here to announce the forthcoming launch of Eye of the Temple for PC VR on October 14th, 2021.

Find Eye of the Temple on Steam

Eye of the Temple is a VR game that lets you explore a vast and treacherous temple using your own feet. Keep your balance as you step from one moving block to another, dodging traps and solving puzzles with your torch and whip in hand. As you explore the Temple complex and its past, you might just uncover the mystery of the Eye, and find yourself becoming part of its legend.

“Eye of the Temple was born out of a desire to combine the immersion of moving with your own body in room-scale VR with the ability to explore a vast environment with lots of verticality and large open spaces,” said Rune Skovbo Johansen. “When I started out, I never expected it would take five years to finish the game, but the scope and ambition of the game grew along the way. After going full-time indie last year, I’ve finally been able to complete it, and now I’m very excited for players to be able to experience this adventure for themselves very soon.”

While waiting for the release of Eye of the Temple, its free demo called First Steps is available on Steam for everyone with a PC VR headset and the required 2m x 2m play area.


  • Traverse a Vast Environment
    Eye of the Temple makes unique use of room-scale VR and delivers the experience of exploring a vast environment. Lose yourself in the depths of the temple without teleportation, artificial locomotion, or other distractions taking you out of the immersion. 
  • Fully Physically Simulated Whip
    Wield your whip to grab levers out of reach and to defend yourself against flying enemies. You’ll find yourself gradually improving until you’ve mastered it as a reliable tool and effective weapon. 
  • An Experience Played with Your Own Body
    Step onto blocks, smash pots, flick levers, and dodge obstacles. This game is played with your body, not with controller buttons. It’s a physical game that anyone can easily grasp whether they normally play videogames or not. 
  • Search for Secret Areas and Treasures
    The Great Temple holds secrets that only the most observant would stand any chance of finding. Be on the lookout during your playthrough, or return to search the temple after finishing the game. 
  • Unlockable Speedrun Mode
    For the extra daring adventurers, a speedrun mode can be unlocked where you can build up incredible speed, with every timed step speeding up the moving blocks a bit. Play it for a true test of your reflexes and grace.

About Rune Skovbo Johansen

Rune Skovbo Johansen is a Danish independent game developer based in Turku, Finland. His work spans games and other interactive experiences focused on tech, wonder, and exploration. Before going solo in 2020, Rune worked 12 years as a usability-focused developer at Unity Technologies while working on his own games on the side. Eye of the Temple is his debut commercial game.

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