Eastern, Virtual Reality studio GIB Games released a new trailer for its upcoming VR title, The Callisto. Along with new game footage, the trailer announced several of its main voice actors, including veteran video game voice actor Jon St. John.

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In the 2-minute trailer which premiered on GIB Games’ Youtube Channel, the studio showcased its high-fidelity graphics and mysterious, futuristic setting and included many moments from gameplay.

The visuals of The Callisto are impressive compared to many VR games made by indie studios. The game, which is made using the Unity3D engine, uses highly-optimized shaders to meet the high levels of performance required to display VR content smoothly.

Voice Actors

The trailer also named some of the talent lending voices to the murder mystery adventure, including John McPhee and Jason Kearney as the game’s protagonist duo. Also named among the talent was Jon St. John, a veteran voice actor best known as the voice of Duke Nukem in the popular game franchise of the same name. St. John has also been involved in other popular video games including Postal 4 and Sonic Adventure.

About The Game

The Callisto is a murder mystery adventure game set in the future, where the player assumes the role of a member of an interstellar police force investigating a politically-motivated triple homicide at The Callisto, a hotel on the Jovian moon of the same name. The player investigates the crime scene, collects evidence, and remotely interviews witnesses with the aid of a Regional Advisory Contact (REGAC).

“REGAC and The Inspector depend on their communication. REGAC is responsible for the inspector’s safety, but is too far away to help other than giving and taking down information.” – John McPhee, the voice of REGAC
Demos for The Callisto first premiered at the Game Developer Expo in Columbus, OH in 2021, where The Callisto was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Audio & Sound Design category.

The developers take inspiration from several investigation games such as Firewatch and The Return of the Obra Dinn, while also naming Half-Life: Alyx developer Robin Walker as a major influence on the game’s environmental and character storytelling.

The Callisto can currently be wishlisted on the Steam Store and is slated for a late Spring release.

A Remote Studio

GIB Games, which was founded amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, is a completely-remote gaming studio. The developers and artists working on the game hail from across the United States, all working remotely.

“It’s an incredible thing to collaborate with people from the other side of the country. We have the ability to hire the right developer for the job no matter where they are.”

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