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VR Newcomer - 3 Club Golf, Comes to Steam Early Access on June 14
By Other News Posted in News on June 2, 2022 0 Comments 3 min read
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Independent developer Duhz Games is excited to announce their first title,   3 Club Golf, a wi-inspired VR sports game where the player and his lovable robot explore cartoon-tastic worlds, collect fantastical rewards and experience a one of a kind virtual golf adventure.

True uniqueness in this genre.

3 Club Golf is a VR sports game with awesome gameplay, cute characters, a simple VR interface, and a retro aesthetic. It’s a mashup of new and old! The traditional hit meter is still there, but you control it with your actual swing speed. You can play in single-player mode… but, you are never truly alone thanks to your robot companion, Caddie. If you want actual human interaction; compete online with friends for golf glory (and prizes), or try a quick match to gain internet fame.

Everyone likes money… Win in-game currency (piggies) by getting low scores and completing challenges. Variety is the spice of golf… Play at 12+ fantastical courses like a desert gold mine or on top of a spaceship gliding through the galaxy. Spend your dough… Shop for new clubs, balls, grips, skins, and more. Search for secrets… Grab extra gear by finding secret stars around the courses.

Designed for all ages and all ranges of golf skills, 3 Club Golf is perfect for beginners as well as seasoned pros. Don’t let the cartoonish aesthetic fool you, this is a golf game that is easy to play, but challenging to master.

Why carry a full bag of clubs when all you need is 3? If you love games with great VR mechanics, beautiful art, infectious music, a feel-good vibe, and a lovable robot… 3 Club Golf is for you!

A Message to Gamers.

Developer, Troy Heitchew, gives a poignant message,  “For 3 Club Golf I tried not to be inspired by any specific game.  I knew that I would be playtesting every day and I wanted to concentrate on bringing a “game” into a golf journey where each course feels like a chapter or level.  I wanted to entertain myself, and in doing so, I built interesting living worlds and a robot friend to keep me company.   I didn’t want to make a clone of other games.   This allowed me to have a free mindset, and you can see that, especially in the Interaction system.  The way you control the shots and hit the ball is quite unique, yet instinctive, for a golf game. I think I made an amazing VR gaming experience that just happens to be a golf game.”

About Duhz Games:

3 Club Golf is the work of solo developer Troy Heitchew. He has been making game levels, add-ons, and multiplayer maps for nearly 20 years, but this is his first full game release. A self-taught programmer with no formal training; Troy has a passion for creating living, breathing worlds, with a focus on VR immersion, intuitive controls, and creative play. He has combined this passion with his many years of experience to create this debut PC-VR title. Troy is excited to lead 3 Club Golf to its full potential, through early access and beyond. Duhz Games currently works on IP development as well as virtual reality production using the Unity Game Engine.  Plans are to port this game to other consoles in the near future.


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