Independent developer Gavra Games announced today they are releasing the new Multiplayer feature for the turn-based RPG gladiator combat game Warriors: Rise to Glory! Players can now compete in PvP 1v1, 2v2, and Four-players free-for-all battles. The game also features Co-op PvE Boss battles, where building your unique fighting style and staying three steps ahead of your opponent are the keys to victory. Enter the arena and step up to be the ultimate gladiator as you honor the legacy of your ancestors in a world where blood and guts decide the fate of men!

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This action-packed Multiplayer mode joins the single-player campaign mode of Warriors: Rise to Glory!

With over 1,000,000 bloody duels fought in the Open-beta, Warriors: Rise to Glory! Online Multiplayer brings its silly humor, over-the-top combat, and light-hearted but surprisingly deep gameplay mechanics to its official game!


Warriors: Rise to Glory! is a turn-based gladiator combat game with RPG elements. The mad emperor Ayziz, the ruler of the Indiekingdom, uses his dark powers to bring the fiercest and more fearsome warriors from all around the multiverse to fight in his pits for his sick amusement. Players are these warriors – gladiators that come to the Indiekingdom butt-naked and fight for their lives to get glory, coin, and hopefully something better to wear other than those disgusting loincloths.

The campaign mode sets you on this path to glory and promised freedom – from zero to hero, from rags to blood-soaked riches! In Warriors: Rise to Glory! Multiplayer, players will receive hype from the crowd as they chuck bananas or toilets at their foes from the stands. Earn XP and coins as you defeat others and use the rewards to upgrade your armors, weapons, skills, and fighting style. Warriors: Rise to Glory! Multiplayer is not just about flatulence and stabbing someone until their innards pool at their feet – although, well, that is part of the point indeed. Beyond the farting, stabbing, memes, slicing, and fighting — you will discover that positioning, calculated risk, and the knowledge of your surroundings are what line the path to victory.


  • Build A Unique Fighting Style: Whether it’s through brute force, cunning strategy or gathering the crowd to your advantage, the game makes you build your unique style as you progress your character. Raise the stakes and bet wisely to win great rewards – but if you fail, you could lose your life, honor and all your gear – for death is PERMANENT!
  • Settle Your Beefs: Play online with and against your friends to prove once and for all which lineage’s brood is the peak of the pack.
  • Form Powerful Alliances: Keep your enemies close and your allies closer! Pick trustworthy and strong allies to execute a winning strategy in battle… but trust no one – alliances are fragile and can be easily broken.
  • Level Up: Gain experience and level up your warriors with better weapons, armor, stats, and skills to pass down for generations to come.
  • Roguelike Gameplay: Once a warrior is dead, he stays dead. However, their legacy lives on: the house they built will remain solid and upright.
  • You Are Judge, Jury, and Executioner: As the all-powerful and superior warrior in a deathmatch, you decide the fate of your fallen foe – to kill or to humiliate? Each decision has its own reward.
  • Battle Your Way Out: Prove your strength in a 1v1 battle, team up in a 2v2 battle, or take on the world in “Free for All” combat.
  • Extreme PvE Boss Battles: Team up with your friends to take down the bosses of the Indiekingdom.
  • Are You Not Entertained?: Boost your favorite warrior’s lineage, hype up the crowd and rally them to your advantage, or line your pockets with a Mini-Game by betting your hard earned money at the local tavern.
  • No Two Lineages Alike: Use the creation tools to make the warriors of your lineage as fearsome or goofy as you want. Prove to everyone that it is not just about being the best, from customizing your warrior and house appearance up to customizing the crowd’s various toilet ammunition types. it’s also about looking great!


The first Indie Studio to get funded by the Israeli “Shark Tank” show. Two gamer cousins decided to follow their lifelong dream and open their own gaming studio. Bringing their “MemeLords” sense of humor to their games combined with competitive gameplay. “As a team of hardcore gamers ourselves, we understand the value of creating a fun, easy to learn but hard to master experience for our gamers. No pay to win and no “surprise mechanics”! Just pure old fun. All this while placing our unique sense of humor pretty much… EVERYWHERE! “because, well… because we can!”

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