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About Us
By Sassy Admin Posted in on November 22, 2020 0 Comments 5 min read
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Our Mission is a community for under-represented gamers from various gaming minorities, such as LGBTQIA+, People of Color, 30+, and Disabled Gamers.

Our mission is to promote discussion about diversity in gaming and provide a voice for gaming minorities online. We have committed to donating 50% of any profits made to rotating charities each month.

Our Story

Hi! My name is Susan, and I started developing in June of 2019 and we launched on March 1st, 2020 with just myself and one writer! We’ve since grown to a staff of nineteen international writers and we support one wonderful podcast.

So…why did I decide to do this?

I got into gaming in 2005, exactly one year after Everquest II was released. It was a new experience for me! My very first MMORPG. It started out pretty great until I joined my first raid guild and I was introduced to Ventrilo. Let me just say, that the friends I made there have followed me even now over 15 years later.

But the journey there was pretty rocky. It took five years for me to be considered ‘not just another drama llama girl gamer’ and I dealt with it and earned my place as a guild officer and then later, a guild leader with my friend Joey. I was even the Main Tank for several years! (Ask yourself why that feels so special? Should it be surprising? Because I’m a girl?)

I stopped gaming so much in 2013 when my little brother died and I had to reprioritize family over gaming. So I put my head down and worked/dealt with a lot of grief and real-life issues until 2019 when I started playing games online again. Most of my old guildmates had spread out, made families, and had different priorities.

So I had to make new friends. And suddenly…I was that ‘newb who didn’t know how to game’ again. Nearly 8 years of solid gaming (You know, grinding for that gear!), and I was considered a newb because I didn’t know how to play League of Legends (Who the hell uses their mouse to move their character? Archaic…). I found myself getting mad because I felt like I was being talked down to. I mean…yeah. I was 37 years old, but not new to gaming.

Communication is Everything

To be clear, the friends I made are NOT biased against girls or older gamers. This was just a communication disconnect that happens between old gamers and new gamers. But my first experience in gaming has stuck with me all these years. FIVE YEARS. There were times when I was so misunderstood that I cried. You have to really know me to understand that I don’t cry easily.

I don’t want anyone to feel like that. I don’t think my experience only happens to girls. I think it happens to anyone that doesn’t fit the l33t gamer mold.

So this place is for us. Come let your voice be heard.

Meet The Team

Susan Russell aka Sassy Admin (Any/All)
Owner/Senior Editor
Gender-Queer, socially inept carebear with sassy tendencies.
Twitter: @SusyQ918

Michael Baker aka TheThousandScar (He/Him)
Fantasy author, blogger of mystery things, Twitch streamer, owner of far too many video games. Freelance writer
Twitter: @Thethousandscar

BardRockCafe – Paul & Kenny (Team)
BardRockCafe – Podcast Episodes
We are the DND Real Play Podcast where magic goes wild! Find our newest episodes!
Twitter: @BardRockCafe

Samantha aka Shadowkeeper790 (She/Her)
I play a lot of magic and D&D. Like a lot! She/Her. I stream on twitch! most weekdays starting at 1pm CST!
Twitter: @Shadowkeeper790

Lily aka PrincessLilyChan (She/Her)
25-Year-old trans woman, with a love for all things geeky. MTG Streamer, Commander Aficionado, Vaper, and Massive Dork.
Twitter: @PrincessLilyMTG

Cassie aka SpeakableCassie (She/Her)
Above-average quality gamer, horror fanatic, Queen of Souls, professional bunny-ear wearer, less professional writer. (Nonsense! -SassyAdmin)
Twitter: @SpeakableCassie

Carlos aka Cryptic Inferno (He/Him)
Just a guy that loves being a nerd, you can find me lurking on Twitch as a mod to various streamers. Current member of @praetormagic
Twitter: @Valdor19

UrsaBearWalker (Any/All)
Commissions closed; He/Him/They/Them; Stay-at-home dad; Editor; Artist; PhD Methodology; Queer AF; Kinda a Furry; All card evals are re:EDH
Twitter: @UrsaBearWalker

aka Galaxus (He/Him)

aka WarriorX (He/Him)

Himank aka Seven-Squanchy-Seven (He/Him)
16-year-old gamer, cinema lover, and otaku (maybe) looking for a way out of boring life.

GamingWithRM04 (He/Him)
Gamer with 1.5k hours of CS:GO experience and 800 hours on Valorant 🙂

Katmandu aka Samanth (He/Him)
Gamer, How-To/Tech Writer, and GTA lover from India!

Imraja/Other News
Fiverr-Recruited Editor that does a bang-up job, so freelance or not- he’s part of the team!

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