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Guest Submission
By Sassy Admin Posted in on June 10, 2021 0 Comments 1 min read
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Guest Submission

First, a little bit about submitting an article.

  • Our audience are gamers, so your submission should be content that is interesting to someone who enjoys games. This can be board games, video games, tabletop games, etc.
  • Our average article length is 1,000 words. Reaching that minimum goal is going to increase the chance that your article is published quickly, but we will accept 500+
  • Articles should be unique and belong to you. We know that news is rarely exclusive, but your articles should be your own and not contain illegal content subject to NDAs, etc.
  • If you would like to promote yourself, feel free to include a blurb about yourself and links to your social media/published content elsewhere. You may also link back to your posts with us at any time.

So we can tag you when your post is released!
What category best describes your post?
If the title is too long, we may alter it, but this is your chance to state your preference.
If applicable, list any websites you might have used for inspiration!
  • Lastly, realize that each article will be edited to fix basic spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and formatting.
  • has the right to reject submissions for any reason, but we will email you with the reason and what edits might be necessary to get your article published.
  • Articles may not be published right away, but I will notify you if it is accepted and put in the queue to be published. You will not be left wondering.

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